Data Transfer

API Name: AccountingJob__c

Label API Name Type Description
Accounting Job Name Name AutoNumber
Accounting Month AccountingPeriod__c Text(7) This field contains the accounting year and month of the ledger data (accounting record proposal).
Client Id ClientId__c Text The combination of consultant and client number.
Client Name ClientName__c Text(255) The Client Name as reported by the DATEV API.
Client Number ClientNumber__c Text(5) The client number for this job.
Consultant Number ConsultantNumber__c Text(7) The consultant number for this job.
DATEV Status DatevStatus__c Picklist The status of the job in the DATEV system. The status can be refreshed with the button 'Refresh Status'.
Picklist values: Open, In Progress, Finished, Aborted, Needs Checking, Successfully Canceled, Canceled with Error, Unavailable, Unknown
Folder Name FolderName__c Text(255) The name of the target folder in the DATEV system.
Import Type ImportType__c Picklist Defines the type of accounting details, which are part of this job.
Picklist values: accountsPayableLedger, accountsReceivableLedger, cashLedger
Job Id JobId__c Text(255) The Id of the Job in the DATV system.
Last Error LastError__c Text(255) Holds the last error, which occured while processing this job.
Local Status LocalStatus__c Picklist The local status of the job. The job will be processed by DATEV, when it has been transferred and is in status 'Closed'.
Picklist values: New, Preparing, Ready For Transfer, In Transfer, Closed
Max number of files for Data Transfer MaxFileCount__c Number(18, 0) Max number of files for Data Transfer
Max file limitation reached MaxFileLimitReached__c Checkbox Number of files has been limited (see also Max number of files for Data Transfer in Settings)