API Name: Settings__c

DATEV Settings

Label API Name Type Description
Name Name Text(255)
Account Length AccountLength__c Number(1, 0) The account length for the current client. Must be a number between 4 and 8.
Cash Ledger Folder Name CashLedgerFolderName__c Text(255) The preferred folder for cash ledger exports.
Client Number ClientNumber__c Text(5) The preferred client number.
Consultant Number ConsultantNumber__c Text(7) The preferred consultant number.
Max number of files for Data Transfer MaxFileCountForJob__c Number(4, 0) The maximum number of files transferred with one data transfer (maximum 4999).
Payable Ledger Folder Name PayableLedgerFolderName__c Text(255) The preferred folder for accounts payable ledger exports.
Receivable Ledger Folder Name ReceivableLedgerFolderName__c Text(255) The preferred folder for accounts receivable ledger exports.
Skip Datev Splash SkipDatevSplash__c Checkbox Don't show the DATEV splash screen.