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Transaction Object


This section describes the integration with the figo banking service.

The Transaction object is a direct equivalent of the figo Connect Transaction Object.


The JustOn Banking Connector automatically converts the retrieved JSON data to a Salesforce Transaction object. Upon conversion, each JSON value is processed in the following way:

(1) The JSON field name is converted to a Salesforce field name, where

  • underscores are removed,
  • if the JSON value belongs to a sub object, the field name is prefixed with the field name of the parent object, connected by an underscore,
  • the string __c is appended.

(2) If there is a matching field on the Transaction object, the field value is written to this field.

(3) The type of the Transaction object field must match the type of the JSON field value, like Text (255) for Bank Name, Currency for Amount or Date for Booking Date. The JustOn Banking Connector automatically converts the JSON value to the type of the Salesforce Transaction field.

Example field conversions
JSON FieldSalesforce field nameType
amountAmount__cCurrency (13,5)
end_to_end_referenceEndToEndReference__cText (255)
additional_info.gross_amountAdditionalInfo_GrossAmount__cCurrency (13,5)


The Transaction objects requires the following fields:

Field Type Description
Name Text Internal figo Connect transaction ID.
Transaction ID Text (255) (External Id) Internal figo Connect transaction ID.
Account ID Text (255) Internal figo Connect account ID.

The other fields of the Transaction object are optional. The Transaction object already contains some additional useful fields that correspond to the figo Connect Transaction Object. You can add further fields as required using the naming convention explained above.

Data Field

In addition to the automatically processed JSON values, the JustOn Banking Connector stores the complete JSON response of a transaction in the field Data__c. This allows to access JSON data for which no Transaction field has been created.


By default, this field is not displayed on the Transaction layout.