Compliance France

EN This JustOn Configurator package brings JustOn Billing & Invoice Management into compliance with French legal requirements. A prerequisite for using this package is that there is at least one business entity based in France that does business with B2B customers only.

FR Ce paquet de JustOn Configurator met JustOn Billing & Invoice Management en conformité avec les exigences légales françaises. Une condition pour utiliser ce paquet est qu'il y a au moins une entité commerciale basée en France qui ne commerce qu'avec les clients B2B.


System preconditions:

Deploying package

To deploy a configurator package:

  1. Log in your target Salesforce org.
  2. In the same browser session, open the JustOn Configurator.

    If the link does not work, copy the URL

  3. Click Salesforce OAuth2.

    This connects the JustOn Configurator with your current Salesforce session using your current credentials. Make sure that you are connected with the intended user and org.


  4. Scroll down the list to find the relevant package.

  5. Click Deploy.

    This deploys the configuration as described to your org.

    Back in your Salesforce org, make sure to add the deployed components to permission sets as necessary.

Deployed Artifacts

Object Field API Name
Booking Period CumulativeGrandTotal
Business Entity
Invoice LocalCurrencyCode

Post-Deployment Tasks

  1. Enable Edit access to the new fields via the permission set JustOn Additional Fields.

    Autoriser l'accès en modification aux nouveaux champs via l'ensemble d'autorisations JustOn Additional Fields.

  2. Provide the required legal information for the business entity filling the corresponding fields.

    Indiquer les informations légales obligatoires pour l'entité commerciale en remplissant les champs correspondants.

  3. Update your templates, template details and placeholders as necessary.

    Modifier les modèles, les détails des modèles et les variables personnalisées si nécessaire.

  4. If you invoice in foreign currencies, proceed as described in Enabling Local Currency Display.

    Si vous produisez des factures en devises étrangères, procéder comme indiqué dans Enabling Local Currency Display EN.