Subscription Builder on Opportunity

This JustOn Configurator package adds a standard configuration for automatically building subscriptions based on opportunities. It configures the standard objects Opportunity and Opportunity Product to be invoiced with JustOn Billing & Invoice Management.

For details, see Automatic Subscription Build.


System preconditions:

Deploying package

To deploy a configurator package:

  1. Log in your target Salesforce org.
  2. In the same browser session, open the JustOn Configurator.

    If the link does not work, copy the URL

  3. Click Salesforce OAuth2.

    This connects the JustOn Configurator with your current Salesforce session using your current credentials. Make sure that you are connected with the intended user and org.


  4. Open the relevant tab.

  5. Scroll down the list to find the relevant package.
  6. Click Deploy.

    This deploys the configuration as described to your org.

    Back in your Salesforce org, make sure to add the deployed components to permission sets as necessary.

Deployed Artifacts

The package adds the following artifacts:

  • Invoicing fields on Opportunity and Opportunity Product
  • Subscription builder filter
  • New Subscription button on Opportunity
  • Permission set for all fields
Object API Name Data Type Description
Opportunity ON_Account Formula (Text) Specifies the Salesforce account ID or external ID.
The formula uses the API name of the field that links the object to the account, for example, AccountId.
ON_Subscription Lookup (Subscription) Links to the related subscription.
ON_SubscriptionBuildError Text (255) Shows the error message in case the subscription creation has failed.
ON_CurrencyIsoCode Formula (Text) Sets the subscription currency to the source object currency if
a) you use multiple currencies and
b) the account currency differs from the source object currency.
The formula is TEXT(CurrencyIsoCode).
Opportunity Product ON_OrderNo Formula (Text) Key to match source data to a subscription item, must be unique for each detail of the same master.
ON_Price Formula (Currency) The net sales price of the item.
ON_Quantity Formula (Number) The quantity of the item to be invoiced.
ON_Title Formula (Text) The name or title of the item.
Field Description Value
Name The filter name, will be available as an option picklist value when triggering the operation Subscription Builder
Child Relation The name of the child object OpportunityLineItems
Target The API name of the target object Opportunity
Use Case The filter use case SubscriptionBuilder
Permission Set

Post-Deployment Tasks

  1. Assign the permission set JustOn_Additional_Fields to all relevant users.
  2. Add the button New Subscription to the Opportunity page layout.