Tax Rules

This JustOn Configurator package adds standard tax rules that depend on the VAT number and the region of the invoice recipient to your Salesforce org. For more details, see Tax Rules.


System preconditions:

Deploying package

To deploy a configurator package:

  1. Log in your target Salesforce org.
  2. In the same browser session, open the JustOn Configurator.

    If the link does not work, copy the URL

  3. Click Salesforce OAuth2.

    This connects the JustOn Configurator with your current Salesforce session using your current credentials. Make sure that you are connected with the intended user and org.


  4. Open the relevant tab.

  5. Scroll down the list to find the relevant package.
  6. Click Deploy.

    This deploys the configuration as described to your org.

    Back in your Salesforce org, make sure to add the deployed components to permission sets as necessary.

Deployed Artifacts

Custom settings

Four Tax Rules records

Name Region Tax Rate
DE_19 DE 19%
Non_EU NON-EU 0%
RC RC 0%
Object Field API Name Data Type Description
Account ON_Region Formula (Text) Determines the invoice region. The produced value will be copied to the field Region on the invoice.
Invoice ShowReverseChargeText Formula (Text) Specifies the condition for selecting the reverse charge notice. According to the values RC, EU or Non-EU, the corresponding text is displayed.
Region formula on Account
IF(ISPICKVAL(BillingCountryCode,"DE"), "DE",
        = "NON-EU", "NON-EU",
        IF(ISBLANK(ONB2__TaxNumber__c), "EU", "RC")
RC text formula on Invoice
CASE (ONB2__Region__c,

Post-Deployment Tasks

  1. Enable Read access to the new fields (Region on Account, Show Reverse Charge Text on Invoice) via the permission set JustOn Additional Fields.
  2. Make sure that the field VATIN (API name ONB2__TaxNumber__c) on the account records are set.