JustOn Home Tab

This JustOn Configurator package adds a Home tab to JustOn Billing & Invoice Management instances. The tab includes a dashboard ("JustOn Billing Home Tab") that summarizes important invoicing-relevant data, such as

  • Current invoices (+/- 90 days), grouped by status and month
  • Booking periods
  • Most overdue invoices

The dashboard imports two reports, Overview Current Invoices and Overview Booking Periods, which provide the required dashboard data.

Be aware that the dahsboard displays data according to the access rights of the user who has deployed the package. So depending on this user's permissions, a dashboard reader may see more or less data than their own permissions would allow originally. If required, you can change the data perspective, specifying another user or choosing to display the dashboard dynamically as the current dashboard viewer (see Dynamic Dashboards: Choose Who People View a Dashboard as in Lightning Experience in the Salesforce Help).


System preconditions:

Deploying package

To deploy a configurator package:

  1. Log in your target Salesforce org.
  2. In the same browser session, open the JustOn Configurator.

    If the link does not work, copy the URL

  3. Click Salesforce OAuth2.

    This connects the JustOn Configurator with your current Salesforce session using your current credentials. Make sure that you are connected with the intended user and org.


  4. Open the relevant tab.

  5. Scroll down the list to find the relevant package.
  6. Click Deploy.

    This deploys the configuration as described to your org.

    Back in your Salesforce org, make sure to add the deployed components to permission sets as necessary.

Deployed Artifacts

Lightning Page
JustOn Home Tab
JustOn Billing Home Tab
  • Overview Current Invoices
  • Overview Booking Periods

Post-Deployment Tasks

  1. Set the dashboard's running user to determine the scope of data to be displayed.

    Select a specific user or choose to display the dashboard dynamically. For details, see Dynamic Dashboards: Choose Who People View a Dashboard as in Lightning Experience in the Salesforce Help.

    Setting the current dashboard viewer as the running user will count the Home tab dashboard against your limit on dynamic dashboards as imposed by Salesforce (up to 5 for Enterprise Edition, 10 for Unlimited and Performance Edition, 3 for Developer Edition). If necessary, you can request the limit to be increased (see Increase 'Maximum Number of Dynamic Dashboards' limit in the Salesforce Help).

  2. Set the JustOn Home Tab as the default home page.

    1. Click to enter Setup, then navigate to Feature Settings > Home.
    2. In the Default Home Page section, click Set Default Page.
    3. Select JustOn Home Tab, then click Next.
    4. Review the org default assignment, then click Assign.

      This sets the JustOn Home Tab as the default home page for all users in your org.