JustOn Cash Management for Salesforce NPSP

This JustOn Configurator package adds a standard configuration for integrating JustOn Cash Management with Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). For details, see How-To: Donations.

Deploying package

To deploy a configurator package:

  1. Log in your target Salesforce org.
  2. In the same browser session, open the JustOn Configurator.

    If the link does not work, copy the URL

  3. Click Salesforce OAuth2.

    This connects the JustOn Configurator with your current Salesforce session using your current credentials. Make sure that you are connected with the intended user and org.


  4. Open the relevant tab.

  5. Scroll down the list to find the relevant package.
  6. Click Deploy.

    This deploys the configuration as described to your org.

    Back in your Salesforce org, make sure to add the deployed components to permission sets as necessary.

Deployed Artifacts

The package adds the following artifacts:

  • Additional record ID field on Business Entity
  • NPSP-relevant lookup fields on Entry
  • JustOn Cash Management-relevant lookup field on NPSP Payment
  • Flows to create or delete entries on NPSP opportunity payment creation or deletion
  • Flows to update payment statuses
Object Field API Name Data Type
Business Entity
RecordID Text
Entry Payment Lookup (Payment)
Opportunity Lookup (Opportunity)
JPAY_PaymentEntry Lookup (Entry)
  • Payment Trigger Create Entries
  • Payment Trigger Delete Entries
  • Set NPSP Payment Status
  • Update Records After JPAY Payment

Post-Deployment Tasks

  1. Assign the required JustOn Cash Management permissions to the relevant users.
  2. Activate the flows for entry creation and entry deletion.
  3. Specify the ID of your business entity to be used by the flows.