Jira Connector


Jira Connector is an add-on to JustOn that integrates JustOn Billing & Invoice Management with Atlassian Jira. It retrieves tracked time data from Jira and saves it to dedicated worklog records in Salesforce. Consequently, you can use JustOn's usage data billing to generate invoices.


Jira Connector requires at least the Salesforce Enterprise Edition.

In broad strokes, the data retrieval works as follows:

  • Jira Connector is installed in your org.
  • You have set up a named credential for the authentication, and you have created a custom setting for your Jira connection.
  • Once all is set up, you actually retrieve the data. It is upserted using the Salesforce REST API to the worklog records in Salesforce.
  • Using JustOn's usage data billing, you generate invoices according to your requirements: During the invoice run, JustOn itemizes the worklog data and matches it against your defined subscription items. It evaluates the provided quantity information and calculates each item's subtotal, which then makes up the according invoice line item.


This document describes how to set up Jira Connector in order to enable the worklog data retrieval. For details about setting up worklog data invoicing, see Usage Data Billing.

Documentation Overview

Jira Connector Implementation Details
Setting Up Jira Connector
Retrieving Worklog Data