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JustOn Self-Service Portal


The JustOn Self-Service Extension is an add-on to JustOn that helps businesses to provide self-service capabilities for their customers or associated users. The portal give guest users access to certain JustOn functionality, allowing, for example,

  • Customers to directly access their subscriptions and invoices, and, optionally, purchase new items,
  • Customers to pay their invoices,
  • Staff to upload certain data.

Using the JustOn Self-Service Extension, you set up a public web application based on Salesforce Sites. The extension package implements a number of Apex classes and Visualforce pages that provide the intended functionality, exposing a ready-to-use site. You can still modify the included implementation to suit your needs, or use the shipped components to build your self-service app from scratch.

Exposing self-service capabilities to users


The JustOn Self-Service Extension requires at least the Salesforce Enterprise Edition.

Contact JustOn Support to have the add-on installed in your org.


You must currently not use a version higher than JustOn 2.73.3 to work with the JustOn Self-Service Extension. Due to modifications required by a Salesforce security review, JustOn 2.74 is currently not compatible.

Documentation Overview

Self-Service Portal Overview
    Setup Guidance
    General Site Setup
    Self-Service Features
        Self Service-Specific Setup
        User Authentication
        Enabling Product Page and Shopping Cart
        Enabling Subscription Display
        Enabling Invoice Display
        Enabling Account Statement Display
        Enabling CSV Upload
        Enabling Profile View
    Payment Integration
        Payment-Specific Setup
        Payment Provider Integration
        Enabling Direct Debit Mandate Display
    Configuration Options
    API Reference
    External Libraries
Release Notes