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Setup Guidance


The JustOn Self-Service Extension requires at least the Salesforce Enterprise Edition.

Contact JustOn Support to have the add-on installed in your org.

Usually, the extension is installed using the security option Install for Admins Only. Depending on your business, this may require configuring additional user and object permissions after installation. For details, see Installing Packages in the Salesforce Help.

Your business may require different feature scopes, like

  • Self service, optionally including
    • product overview and shopping cart
    • subscription overview
    • invoice overview
    • account statements
    • CSV data upload
  • Payment integration (including support for payment service providers),

or any combination of them.

Depending on the intended scope and features, the setup steps to take or their complexity after the package is installed may differ. Proceed according to your business needs:

Scope Feature Setup Steps
All General Site Setup
Self Service Self Service-Specific Setup
User Authentication
Product Page and Shopping Cart Enabling Product Page and Shopping Cart
Subscription View Enabling Subscription Display
Invoice View Enabling Invoice Display
Account Statement View Enabling Account Statement Display
CSV Upload Enabling CSV Upload
Profile Management Enabling Profile View
Payment Integration Payment-Specific Setup
Payment Provider Integration
Direct Debit Mandate Enabling Direct Debit Mandate Display
PayPal PayPal
CyberSource CyberSource
Stripe Stripe
Mollie Mollie