The JustOn Self-Service Extension can integrate with CyberSource as a payment provider. The implementation supports payments via credit card.

Creating CyberSource Account

In order to use CyberSource as a payment provider, you need a valid CyberSource account. CyberSource supports test and live operation modes. Depending on the mode, log in to the CyberSource Business Center to create and set up an account:

Configuring CyberSource Profile

JustOn uses the CyberSource Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile payment interface. After creating an account, you must create and configure a corresponding profile. Refer to the CyberSource Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile Quick Start Guide for a step-by-step description of how to create and configure profiles. The required setup steps include

  • Creating an account
  • Creating a profile
  • Adding payment methods
  • Creating security keys

In addition, you must apply the following JustOn-specific settings to your profile in the CyberSource Business Center:

Merchant Notifications

  1. Activate the Merchant POST URL checkbox.
  2. Specify the POST URL.

    The URL is made up of the Salesforce site URL, the port 443 and the Visual Force page ONBSE1.CyberSourceNotification, like


Find the required site URL on the Sites page in Setup. Type Sites in the Quick Find box, or navigate to User Interface > Sites and Domains > Sites.

Customer Response Pages

  1. Select Hosted by You for the Transaction Response Page and the Custom Cancel Response Page.
  2. Provide the response page URL.

    The URL is made up of the Salesforce site URL, the port 443 and the Visual Force page ONBSE1.CyberSourceBuyerReturn, like


Find the required site URL on the Sites page in Setup. Type Sites in the Quick Find box, or navigate to User Interface > Sites and Domains > Sites.

Payment Form

The Payment Form allows to configure which billing information is displayed on the checkout form. Depending on the configured payment methods and the billing address, most of the fields are required for a successful payment, like the State field, which is required if the country is US or CA.

JustOn passes all required data to the checkout form as far as the data is available on the invoice.


In order to avoid failing payments due to missing data, JustOn recommends to make the following billing information fields on the invoice editable and required. This forces the user to enter missing data.

Invoice Field CyberSource Billing Information Field
Email First Name First Name
Email Last Name Last Name
Account Name Company
Billing Street Street Address 1
Billing City City
Billing State Code State
Billing Country Code Country
Email Email Address

CyberSource requires two-character country and state codes. To simplify the address data handling, JustOn recommends to use the built-in Salesforce picklists for countries and states. For details, see Let Users Select State and Country from Picklists in the Salesforce Help.

Configuring CyberSource Integration


The CyberSource integration requires the Visualforce pages ONBSE1.CyberSourceNotification and ONBSE1.CyberSourceBuyerReturn added to your site. For details, see Assigning Payment-Specific Pages.

To configure the CyberSource integration with the JustOn Self-Service Extension:

  1. Open the Payment Provider Setup page.

    Open the Payment Provider Setup page directly, or navigate to Visualforce Pages > PaymentProviderSetup in Setup, and open the preview.

  2. Select the payment provider and click New to create a new configuration, or click Edit next to an existing configuration to modify it.

    You can create one active payment configuration per business entity and payment provider. Before creating a new configuration for an entity/provider combination that already exists, you must deactivate the existing configuration.

  3. Select the business entities for which the configuration is applicable.

    If there is no business entity selected, this configuration is used by default for all business entities.

  4. Specify a name for this configuration setting.

    Make sure to use a descriptive name that helps to unequivocally identify the configuration setting.

  5. Specify the provider-specific configuration.

    Field Required Notes
    Profile ID General Settings
    Access Key Security - select a key
    Secret Key Security - select a key
    Use Test Mode (checkbox) Select this checkbox if the API key and API secret are taken from a test account.

    When editing existing configurations, key and secret values are not displayed. Key and secret values remain unchanged as long as you leave the corresponding fields empty.

  6. Click Add for new configurations or, respectively, Save for existing configurations.


Find the required information in the CyberSource Business Center in Tools & Settings > Secure Acceptance > Profiles.