The JustOn Self-Service Extension can integrate with PayPal as a payment provider. The implementation supports PayPal's online payments system.

Creating PayPal Account

In order to use PayPal as a payment provider, you need a valid PayPal business account. To create it, navigate to the PayPal website and follow PayPal's instructions.

PayPal supports sandbox and live operation modes.

Configuring PayPal Integration

To configure the PayPal integration with the JustOn Self-Service Extension:

  1. Open the Payment Provider Setup page.

    Open the Payment Provider Setup page directly, or navigate to Visualforce Pages > PaymentProviderSetup in Setup, and open the preview.

  2. Select the payment provider and click New to create a new configuration, or click Edit next to an existing configuration to modify it.

    You can create one active payment configuration per tenant and payment provider. Before creating a new configuration for a tenant/provider combination that already exists, you must deactivate the existing configuration.

  3. Select the tenants for which the configuration is applicable.

    If there is no tenant selected, this configuration is used by default for all tenants.

  4. Specify a name for this configuration setting.

    Make sure to use a descriptive name that helps to unequivocally identify the configuration setting.

  5. Specify the provider-specific configuration.

    Field Required
    Account ID
    API Password
    API Username

    When editing existing configurations, key and secret values are not displayed. Key and secret values remain unchanged as long as you leave the corresponding fields empty.

  6. Click Add for new configurations or, respectively, Save for existing configurations.

For more details, see the API access setting in your PayPal profile.