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Batch Settings

You can use batch settings to overwrite the scope for the batch processes that are shipped with JustOn. The scope specifies the execution size, that is, the number of records to be processed by the batch class in one go.

The standard execution size for a JustOn batch process is 1. Depending on your business requirements and your system performance, you can use batch settings to set higher values.

Each batch setting specifies the following mandatory information:

Field Possible Values Description
Name <batch class name> Specifies the name of the batch class whose scope is to be modified. Use one batch setting record for each batch process.
Scope <positive integer> Specifies the scope, that is, the batch process execution size. Must be a positive integer value.

The following table lists the recommended scopes for the batch classes, grouped by business processes, that are shipped with JustOn.


JustOn is designed to scale the scope automatically to a well-functioning value if the defined scope value is too large.

Business Process Batch Class Recommended Scope
Account Statement BatchAccountStatementRun 100
Account Statistics BatchAccountStatisticsUpdater 200
Invoice Run
BatchTransactionCsvFinalize 500
BatchTransactionCsvGenerate 500
Dunning Run BatchDunningRun 100
BatchFinalizeDunning 100
Email BatchDunningEmailQueue 100
BatchInvoiceEmailQueue 100
Export BatchExportInvoices 50
Finalize BatchDatevExporter 50
BatchExternalTaxRetriever 10
BatchTransferToPaymill 20
BatchPdfGenerate 20
BatchSettleInvoices 100
BatchFinalizeInvoice 25/50
Fixup BatchCreateCredit 50
BatchCreatePaymentsForPaidInvoices 50
BatchDeleteDraftDunnings 50
BatchDeleteDraftInvoices 50
BatchDeletePaymentEntries 500
BatchFixInvoices 50
Invoice Run BatchGenericInvoiceRun 50
BatchGenericInvoiceRunRecurring 50
BatchInvoiceRun 50
BatchMarkAsBilled 200
BatchOpportunityToInvoiceRun 50
BatchTransactionalInvoiceRun 200 - 500
BatchTransactionBuilder 200 - 500
Invoice Run
BatchCreateInstallments 50
Payment BatchPaymentEntriesMatcher 50
Invoice Run
BatchAssignBalances 50
Statistics BatchInvoiceStatisticsRemover 200
BatchInvoiceStatisticsUpdater 200
Subscription Build BatchMasterSubscriptionBuilder 100
BatchSubscriptionPriceIncrease 100
Subscription Management BatchSubscriptionRenewal 100
Subscription Metrics BatchSubscriptionMetricBuilder 50 - 100
Transaction Tables
Invoice Run
BatchBuildTransactionTables 500
BatchDeleteAttachments 500
BatchFinalizeTransactionTables 500

The following batch classes do not consider batch settings because of defined limits:

  • BatchDunningEmail (Limits.getLimitEmailInvocations())
  • BatchInvoiceEmail (Limits.getLimitEmailInvocations())
  • BatchAmazonS3Upload (10)
  • BatchGoogleDriveUpload (8)

Configuring Batch Class Scope

Create an individual batch setting record for each batch process scope to be configured.

  1. Click to enter Setup, then open Custom Settings.

    In Salesforce Lightning, navigate to Custom Code > Custom Settings.

    In Salesforce Classic, navigate to Develop > Custom Settings.

  2. Click Manage in the row of Batch Settings.

  3. Click New.
  4. Specify the details as necessary.

    • Name: The name of the batch class whose scope is to be modified
    • Scope: The batch process execution size
  5. Click Save.