Global Settings

Global settings control specific app functionality that is used throughout JustOn Billing & Invoice Management.

Global Settings Overview

Global settings are implemented as a custom setting, where the data fields represent the app settings. The following fields, that is, app setting options, are available:

Field Label
API Name
Type Description
Active Subscription Status
Text (255) A comma-separated list of strings that specify the active subscription statuses.
Adjust for Tax Rounding Differences
Checkbox Specifies whether to adjust Total (Tax) and Grand Total for tax rounding differences on invoices.
Use Advanced Currency Management
Checkbox Specifies whether your org has advanced currency management enabled.
Accounting Gross Taxes on First Month
Checkbox Specifies whether to aggregate the taxes for gross values on the first booking detail month.
Allow Invoice Changes in Status Open
Checkbox Specifies whether to allow modifications to fields of invoices and invoice line items after finalization. Enabling this mode allows, for example, to import invoices in any status and to set an individual invoice number.
Use this feature with extreme care. Make sure to deactivate this setting as soon as the intended modifications are complete.
Allow Overpayments
Checkbox Specifies whether to allow overpayments on open invoices, not splitting balances.
Allow Pro Forma/Deposit Dunnings
Checkbox Specifies whether to allow dunning reminders for pro forma and deposit invoices.
Always Create Content Distribution
Checkbox Specifies whether to create a public link for all invoice PDF files.
Attach Invoice PDFs to Account Statement
Checkbox Specifies whether to clone and attach invoice PDF attachments to account statements.
Large or many PDF files will quickly exceed the heap size limit.
Base URL
Text (255) The secure connection URL of your Salesforce site, like https://<instance> or https://<mydomain>
Must end with a trailing slash /.
Billed Opportunity Stage Name
Text (40) Allows to define an opportunity stage to which billed opportunities are set automatically when invoices are finalized.
Create Bookkeeping Data
Checkbox Specifies whether to create booking periods and booking details for finalized invoices.
Decimal Places for Quantity
Number (2,0) Default setting for decimal places in Quantity fields.
Decimal Places for Unit Price
Number (2,0) Default setting for decimal places in Unit Price fields.
Disable Statistic Line Items
Checkbox Deprecated
Used to disable the export of invoice line item data with the deprecated Invoice Statistics extension.
Display Quantity
Text (255) The API name field of the transaction object that is to be accumulated for the display quantity.
Enable Accounting in Gross Values
Checkbox If checked, JustOn uses gross values when creating bookkeeping data.
Enable JustOn Cash Management
Checkbox If checked, JustOn creates entry records in JustOn Cash Management for finalized invoices and created installments instead of balance records.
Enable Transfer Booking Details
Checkbox If checked, JustOn directly transfers balance amounts moved between accounts using transfer booking details.
This option is available as of JustOn 2.72.
Use End of Month as Booking Date
Checkbox Specifies whether to set the last day of the month as the booking date for booking details produced for non-tax details.
This option is available as of JustOn 2.57.
Grace Period
Number (3,0) Specifies the grace period (days) for the subscription renewal.
Ignore EInvoice Validation Warnings
Checkbox Specifies whether to ignore any produced e-invoice validation warnings. If set, no validation warnings will be reported, and the e-invoice status is set to Created, even if the validation has produced warnings.
Ignore Invoices for MRR Metrics
Checkbox Specifies whether subsequent metric records are set to the item's next invoice date or start from the original start date. If activated, item price or quantity changes update MRR metrics starting from the relevant start date, irrespective of the item's next invoice date.
Invoice PDF URL
URL (255) Specifies a custom URL for invoice PDF files.
Late Fee Rate
Percent (15,3) Defines the monthly interest rate for calculating the late fees for invoices. This value will be used if the rate is empty at the dunning level setting.
Log Level
Text (7) The cutoff for logging. Log statements below this level are not logged. Possible values include (in this order): NONE, FATAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO.
Merge Items on Renewal
Checkbox Specifies whether to merge multiple items with the same criteria into a single item during subscription renewal.
Move Tax Booking Details to Payment Date Checkbox Enables payment date-based creation of tax booking details.
Multiple Draft Invoices
Checkbox Allow multiple draft invoices per subscription for different invoice runs.
Multiple Draft Statements
Checkbox Allow multiple draft account statements per statement run period and filter.
Not Billed Opportunity Stage Name
Text (40) Allows to define an opportunity stage to which partly billed or not billed opportunities are set.
Notification Level
Text (7) The cutoff for notifications. Notifications at the end of batch chains will only be sent if the level has been reached. Possible values include (in this order): NONE, FATAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO.
Notification Target
Text (255) Send notifications for finished batches via email. No notifications will be sent if empty.
Pricebook Fields
Text (255) Allows to define a comma-separated list of pricebook entry fields in order to customize the picklist on the New Item From Product page. Defaults to Name.
Rewrite InvoicePDF URL
Text (255) Page name: InvoicePDF
Rewrite Invoice URL
Text (255) Page name: Invoice
Rewrite PaypalBuyerReturn URL
Text (255) Page name: PaypalBuyerReturn
Rewrite PaypalIPN URL
Text (255) Page name: PaypalIPN
Rewrite QpayBuyerReturn URL
Text (255) Page name: QpayBuyerReturn
Settle Credits
Checkbox Specifies whether to settle open credits with the next invoice finalization batch.
Settle Invoices
Checkbox Specifies whether to settle open invoices with the next invoice finalization batch.
Track E-Mail
Checkbox Specifies whether to create a task for all sent invoice emails.
Use Billing Address for Tax
Checkbox Specifies which invoice address to use for the tax calculation: if unchecked, the shipping address, if checked, the billing address.
Use Debtor No for Deferred Revenue
Checkbox Prefer the debtor no from the account for the BP AccountNo of deferred booking details instead of a collective account.
Write-Off Cap Amount
Number (13,5) Defines an amount for the threshold that triggers the automatic creation of a write-off balance when a payment is registered.
Write-Off Currency
Text (3) Specifies the ISO code of the currency to be used for a threshold amount.
Finalization Write-Off
Number (13,5) Defines an amount for the threshold that triggers the automatic creation of a write-off balance when an invoice is finalized.
Write-Off Threshold
Percent (13,5) Defines a percentage for the threshold that triggers the automatic creation of a write-off balance when a payment is registered.

Modifying Global Settings

Depending on your organization's or business use cases' requirements, you must modify a global setting:

  1. Click to enter Setup, then open Custom Settings.

    In Salesforce Lightning, navigate to Custom Code > Custom Settings.

    In Salesforce Classic, navigate to Develop > Custom Settings.

  2. Click Manage in the row of Global Settings.

  3. Click Edit in the row of Default.
  4. Specify the details as necessary.

    For details, see Global Settings Overview.

  5. Click Save.