Installing JustOn Billing & Invoice Management

Before you start installing JustOn Billing & Invoice Management, make yourself familiar with its operating requirements:

Which Salesforce edition is required for JustOn?
Which browsers does JustOn support?
Why install and configure JustOn in a production org?
Why install JustOn for admins only?

Preparing JustOn Installation

  1. Enable the following Salesforce features for JustOn Billing & Invoice Management:

  2. For development purposes, disable browser caching for the Salesforce session (see why).

    1. Click to enter Setup, then open the Session Settings page.

      In Salesforce Lightning, navigate to Security > Session Settings.

      In Salesforce Classic, navigate to Security Controls > Session Settings.

    2. In the Caching section, deselect the checkbox Enable secure and persistent browser caching to improve performance.

    3. Click Save.

Installing Package

  1. Open the app listing in Salesforce AppExchange to get JustOn Billing & Invoice Management.
  2. Click Get It Now to invoke the installation procedure.
  3. Follow the instructions and provide the required information as necessary.

    When prompted

    • Choose the option Install for Admins Only (see why)
    • Allow access to third-party websites (see why)

Enabling App Access for JustOn Platform

Generally, the data management and user interaction with JustOn Billing & Invoice Management take place on the Salesforce Platform. For this purpose, the software is installed in the operator's Salesforce environment. Some business logic, however, runs on the Heroku-based platform. JustOn Billing & Invoice Management provides a dedicated connected app, JustOn Platform, to integrate the Salesforce and Heroku parts.

Setting up JustOn Billing & Invoice Management involves enabling access to the connected app JustOn Platform. The access is controlled using profiles. So when creating the users who will work with JustOn Billing & Invoice Management, you must assign the relevant profile to each of them. You can use the standard profiles or create custom profiles.

To enable access to the connected app JustOn Platform for all relevant profiles:

  1. Click to enter Setup, then navigate to Apps > Connected Apps > Manage Connected Apps.
  2. Click Edit in the row of JustOn Platform.
  3. In the Permitted Users field, select Admin approved users are pre-authorized.

    Confirm the selection when prompted.

  4. Click Save.

    This will prevent all users from accessing JustOn Platform, including org admins.

  5. On the Connected Apps list, click JustOn Platform.

    This displays the app detail page.

  6. Add the intended profile.

    1. In the Profiles section, click Manage Profiles.
    2. Select the relevant profile, at least, System Administrator.
    3. Click Save.


JustOn Billing & Invoice Management allows only users with the associated profile to access the app, which relies on the option Admin approved users are pre-authorized in the Permitted Users field. Leaving the default value All users may self-authorize will prevent users from accessing the app and produce the following error when they try to execute relevant business logic:

Platform not available, please contact customer support if the problem persists!

Post-Installation Steps

To complete the basic installation:

  1. As a system administrator, grant login access to JustOn Support.

    For details, see How to grant login access to JustOn support?

  2. Assign the relevant permissions to your users who need them.

    This involves creating a permission set that covers the required access settings for

    • the Balance object, its fields and the Balance tab,
    • the Type field of the Task object,
    • and any project-specific custom objects and fields, Visualforce pages and Apex classes.

    For details, see Enabling Access for New Users.

  3. Assign a JustOn license to your users.

    For details, see Assigning Licenses for Managed Packages in the Salesforce Help.


For further information about installing and configuring the software, see the best-practice article on Setting Up a JustOn Project and the Setup and Service FAQ section.