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JustOn Administration

JustOn administration supports the business user. That is, it covers all tasks for preparing and configuring your JustOn instance in a way that it best matches your organization's business needs.

Getting Started Setting Up JustOn Project Billing Automation Invoice Management Accounting Support Reporting and Analytics Job Scheduling Logs and Notifications General Setup Additional Resources

Billing Automation

Subscription Management Options
Automatic Subscription Build
Subscription Builder Setup Options
Billing Arbitrary Objects
Usage Data Billing
Transactional Billing Options
Multiple Party Billing
Enabling Multi-Currency Support
Opportunity Billing

Invoice Management

Invoice Management Options
Enabling Deposit Invoices
Enabling Pro Forma Invoices
Local Currency Display
Value Aggregation
Basware Invoice Distribution
Basware Implementation
Best Practice: Basware Setup
Setting Up Reverse Charge Notice
Tax Rules
Adjusting for Tax Rounding Differences
Tax Data Retrieval
Tax Data Retrieval Implementation
AvaTax Tax Data Retrieval
AvaTax Implementation
Invoice Import and Fix
Invoice Migration
Setting Up Swiss QR Code Invoices
Setting Up KID Generation
Setting Up Finnish Reference Number

Accounting Support

Enabling JustOn Bank Payments
Balance Management Options
Prepaid Balances
Balance Import and Fix
Payment Entry CSV Import Configuration
Enabling Data Retrieval From finleap connect
Account Statement Configuration
Dunning Process Configuration
Configuring Individual Value Adjustment
G/L Account and Center
Bookkeeping Data for Finalized Invoices
Bookkeeping Data for Payment Balances
Bookkeeping Data for Subscriptions
DATEV Transfer
Export Booking Details CSV
Export Invoice CSV
SEPA Direct Debit
Enabling SEPA Mandate Payment Instruments
SEPA Credit
Scheduling Exports

Reporting and Analytics

Business Reports
Subscription-Based Reports

General Setup

Working With Templates
User Access
Scheduling Jobs
Controlling Logs and Notifications
JustOn Configuration App
JustOn Configurator
Custom Settings
Configuring Upload to Cloud Storage Services
Enabling Amazon Simple Email Service
Managing Object Fields
Managing Pages
Managing Buttons or Links
Managing Custom Labels

Additional Resources

ON Field Mechanism
Data Mapping
Address Data
Template CSS
Miscellaneous Formula Use Cases
Invoice Line Item Fields and Formulas
Object Models
Object Reference
API Overview
Apex Refund Interface
External Libraries
JustOn Best Practices

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