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Transferring Custom Data

JustOn Billing & Invoice Management can transfer information that is beyond the scope of the default data model from your source records to invoices and bookkeeping data:

Transferring data to invoices
To copy specific information from source records to subscriptions (with the automatic subscription build) or invoices (with the invoice run), you use the ON Field Mechanism. The feature is based on custom fields whose API names start with ON_ – if there is a field with a matching API name on the target object, JustOn copies the field value.
Transferring data to bookkeeping data
To copy specific information from invoices or invoice line items to booking details and, from there, to accounting documents or accounting document items, you just need custom fields with the same API name and data type, without specific prefixes.

As an example, assume the following use case:

copy_data You produce invoices from subscriptions that are built on top of opportunities, and you transfer bookkeeping data to DATEV. Now your DATEV instance requires the field buCode. You want this information already set on the opportunity – that is, your source record – and from there, transferred to the subscription, the invoice, the booking detail and the accounting document item.

To this end, you create

  • the custom ON field ON_BuCode__c on the Opportunity object,
  • the custom ON field ON_BuCode__c on the Subscription object,
  • the custom field BuCode__c on the Invoice object, and
  • the custom field BuCode__c on the Booking Detail object.

The Accounting Document Item object already includes the required target field BuCode__c.

Once set up, JustOn will copy the given value

  • from ON_BuCode__c on the opportunity to ON_BuCode__c on the subscription when building the subscription,
  • from ON_BuCode__c on the subscription to BuCode__c on the invoice when creating the invoice (via the invoice run),
  • from BuCode__c on the invoice to BuCode__c on the booking detail when generating the bookkeeping data (on invoice finalization),
  • from BuCode__c on the booking detail to BuCode__c on the accounting document item when transferring accounting documents to DATEV.

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