Enabling Data Transfer to DATEV

To seamlessly transfer invoice-based bookkeeping data to DATEV, JustOn integrates with JustOn Connector for DATEV. This is an add-on to JustOn that generates DATEV-specific ledger records from booking details (as created from invoices and invoice line items), and transfers them to DATEV Unternehmen online. For details, see JustOn Connector for DATEV DE. Once there, these accounting documents and accounting document items can be used by any DATEV application that accesses the DATEV Cloud.

Directly transferring bookkeeping data to DATEV

The following table shows which data is supported by the DATEV interface Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0 and by the integration with JustOn Billing & Invoice Management – which produces sales invoices relevant for the accounts receivable ledger.

Type of Data DATEV Interface Integration
Accounts receivable
Sales invoices
Accounts payable
Purchase invoices
Cash ledger
cash book
Document images
Master data
Payment data

In broad strokes, the bookkeeping data transfer work as follows:

JustOn transfers all booking details of a specific booking period that are not yet exported to JustOn Connector for DATEV. For each related invoice, an accounting document record of the type Accounts Receivable Ledger is created. Each booking detail is exported to an accounting document item (1:1 relationship). The two objects are linked with each other. Invoice PDF attachments (maximum file size: 3.76 MB) are copied and attached to the accounting document.

Be aware that invoice PDF files larger than 3,76 MB prevent exporting all booking details of the given invoice.

On successful transfer, the Locked checkbox of the accounting document is selected, and the booking detail is marked as exported. In case of errors, neither an accounting document nor an accounting detail is created for the affected booking details. An error message is written to the booking detail.


Be aware that the automatic data transfer to DATEV involves invoicing data only, since the corresponding DATEV interface supports invoice (and cashbook) data only. Invoicing data refers to actual business transactions that state, particularly, realized revenues or charged taxes and their corresponding G/L accounts, and that is represented on booking details created from invoice line items.

To transfer bookkeeping data as generated from payment balances, unbilled revenue bookkeeping data or master data for accounts like, for example, debtor numbers, you must use accordingly configured CSV file exports for booking details or invoices, respectively.

Data transfer to DATEV: Procedure steps

Once the data transfer to DATEV is set up, actually transferring the data from JustOn to DATEV Unternehmen online involves the following repetitive tasks:

  1. Transferring Bookkeeping Data to DATEV

    Be aware that generating the DATEV-specific data records may take time – for 1000 booking details, allow about one hour.

  2. Checking Accounting Documents

  3. Creating and Executing Data Transfer

    Be aware that uploading the accounting documents to DATEV may take time. Depending on the amount of data you transfer, the access token may expire. In this case, restart the data transfer.

Transferring bookkeeping data to DATEV

DATEV automatic accounts and revenue deferral

To support automatic accounts (Automatikkonten) in DATEV, you can configure JustOn to use gross values when creating bookkeeping data. To this end, you enable the global setting Enable Accounting in Gross Values as described in Enabling Gross Value Bookings.

If, in addition, you use revenue recognition rules to distribute revenues to future booking periods (deferred revenue), you must, in addition,

  • enable the global setting Accounting Gross Taxes on First Month,
  • enable the automatic tax calculation for the gross booking details – using the custom booking code field BuCode with the relevant booking details (see Additional Fields),
  • optionally, create the BuCode field as a formula that returns the required value according to your use cases, like, for example, IF(ONB2__IsGross__c, 101, null)

Enabling the data transfer to JustOn Connector for DATEV involves the following tasks:

Enabling Bookkeeping Data Generation

In order to enable the creation of bookkeeping data, the feature must be activated in the global settings.

  1. Click to enter Setup, then open Custom Settings.

    In Salesforce Lightning, navigate to Custom Code > Custom Settings.

    In Salesforce Classic, navigate to Develop > Custom Settings.

  2. Click Manage in the row of Global Settings.

  3. Click Edit in the Default row.
  4. Select the checkbox Create Bookkeeping Data.
  5. Optionally, select the checkbox Create Bookkeeping Data for Deposit.

    Select this option if your accounting requires deposit invoices to be booked as soon as they are created.

  6. Click Save.

For further information, see Bookkeeping Data for Finalized Invoices.


If your accounting requires certain revenue to be tracked on a monthly basis, you need at least JustOn 2.49 in order to create your booking details using the Monthly recognition rule.

Installing JustOn Connector for DATEV

For details about installing and setting up JustOn Connector for DATEV, see JustOn Connector for DATEV installieren DE.

Configuring Lookup Relations

To facilitate the data transfer from JustOn's data structure to DATEV's data structure, you must configure lookup relations between the corresponding objects. To this end, you create new fields on the accounting document, the accounting document item (accounting detail) and the booking detail.

Accounting Document

  1. Navigate to the fields list of the Accounting Document object.
  2. Create the following new field.

    Field Label API Name Data Type Description
    Invoice ON_Invoice Lookup (Invoice) Links to the related invoice.
    Must be writable.

    For help about creating fields, see Managing Object Fields.

Accounting Document Item

  1. Navigate to the fields list of the Accounting Document Item object.
  2. Create the following new field.

    Field Label API Name Data Type Description
    Booking Detail ON_BookingDetail Lookup (Booking Detail) Links to the related (source) booking detail.
    Must be writable.

    For help about creating fields, see Managing Object Fields.

Booking Detail

  1. Navigate to the fields list of the Booking Detail object.
  2. Create the following new field.

    Field Label API Name Data Type Description
    Accounting Document Item ON_AccountingDetail Lookup (Accounting Document Item) Links to the related (target) accounting document item.
    Must be writable.

    For help about creating fields, see Managing Object Fields.

Enabling Data Transfer for Booking Periods

For users to be able to start the data transfer for the generated booking periods, you must add the Prepare DATEV Export button to the booking period page layout.

  1. Navigate to the object management settings of the Booking Period object.
  2. Click Page Layouts.
  3. In the Booking Period Layout row, click Edit.
  4. Add the Prepare DATEV Export button to the page layout.

    In Salesforce Lightning, drag the button from the Mobile & Lightning Actions palette to the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section.

    In Salesforce Classic, drag the button from the Buttons palette to the Custom Buttons area.

  5. Click Save.

    For help about modifying page layouts, see Managing Pages.

Data Fields

The bookkeeping data transfer writes the data to the following fields.

Related information:

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Accounting Document Fields

Field Data Type Source Field Notes
InvoiceId Text BookingDetail.InvoiceNo
Document Date Date BookingDetail.BookingPeriod Shows the start date of the booking period
Customer Name Text BookingDetail.AccountName
Customer City Text BookingDetail.BillingCity
IBAN Text BookingDetail.IBAN
SwiftCode Text BookingDetail.BIC
VatId Text BookingDetail.VATId
ThirdParty Checkbox - Is selected on successful transfer
Locked Checkbox - Is selected on successful transfer
ON_Invoice Lookup (Invoice) BookingDetail.Invoice Links to the related invoice

Accounting Document Item Fields

Field Data Type Source Field Notes
Amount Currency (10,2) BookingDetail.Amount
AccountNo Text BookingDetail.AccountNo
Accounting Date Date BookingDetail.BookingDate
Delivery Date Date BookingDetail.OriginalBookingDate Is ignored when empty. Can be overwritten using a custom DeliveryDate field
Tax Percent (2,2) BookingDetail.TaxRate
ON_BookingDetail Lookup (Booking Detail) - Links to the related (source) booking detail

Booking Detail Fields

Field Data Type Notes
Exported Checkbox Is selected on successful transfer
Export Destination Text Is set to DATEV on successful export
ON_AccountingDetail Lookup (Accounting Document Item) Links to the related (target) accounting document item
Last Error Text Is set during the transfer

Additional Fields

JustOn can copy additional fields from the booking details to the accounting documents and accounting document items. This is done for all additional fields on the booking detail if a field with the same name exists on the corresponding target.

The following table lists some examples:

Booking Detail Accounting Document Accounting Document Item Notes
BillingCountry__c BillingCountry__c
BuCode__c BuCode__c Holds booking codes to control certain DATEV features, like 40 to switch off the automatic tax calculation in automatic accounts.
ClientId__c ClientId__c Holds a client ID in the format ConsultantID-ClientID. Allows the accounting documents to be assigned to a client-specific data transfer. When a data transfer is created, a user can select the client to which they want to transfer the data if there is no predefined client ID.
CostCategoryId__c CostCategoryId__c Holds a cost center.
Usually, a Booking Detail formula field that refers to Center.
DeliveryDate__c DeliveryDate__c
Discount__c Discount__c
DueDate__c DueDate__c Holds the due date of an invoice to support "open items" management in DATEV.
Duplicate__c Duplicate__c Duplicate__c


Be aware that the DATEV interface does not accept any arbitrary additional fields. For a list of possible fields see Übertragene Belegdaten DE or the Accounting Document or Accounting Document Item object references.

The DATEV interface will only accept additional custom fields on the Accounting Document or the Accounting Document Item if they are defined under the document record data file format (see Formatbeschreibung der Belegsatzdatendatei DE in the DATEV Developer Portal). Any fields other than those included in the DATEV format will be ignored, even if they have been correctly created and set.