Enabling Access for New Users

The Salesforce platform provides a flexible, layered data sharing design that allows to expose different data sets to different sets of users. This way, users can do their job without seeing data they do not need to see, which helps to minimize the risk of abuse and loss of data.

Permissions and permission sets allow accessing objects and object fields. That is, they control which data users can see and edit.

JustOn provides permission sets for the included custom objects and fields, Visualforce pages and Apex classes. These permission sets are shipped with the JustOn package. They are upgraded as new objects or fields, Visualforce pages etc. are added with new JustOn releases.

JustOn Billing & Invoice Management ships with the following default permission sets:

Permission Set Description
JustOn Full Access Read/write access to JustOn objects, irrespective of any role-based restrictions.
Can be used only in combination with the Read/Write permission set.
JustOn Read Only Read-only access to JustOn objects.
JustOn Read/Write Read/write access to JustOn objects.
Required for creating/modifying as well as emailing/exporting records.
Payment Guest Specific permission set for using payment service integrations.

As an org administrator, you can add or remove the permission set assignments for your users as necessary. Be aware that any user who is supposed to do more than just view certain data requires Write access to the corresponding objects and fields. This includes, in particular, the permissions to (re)distribute invoices, booking data or other statements.


Be aware of the following specifics:

  • JustOn recommends not to alter the Salesforce default access setting Public Read/Write (as part of the sharing settings) for the Account object. If your business requires to do so, however, make sure to assign Write access to the users or profiles that create or update invoices.
  • If you bundle JustOn permission sets in permission set groups, always make sure their status is Updated. This indicates that the bundled permissions are up-to-date.

Due to particular Salesforce conditions, the permission sets shipped with JustOn Billing & Invoice Management are not able to allow access to

  • the Balance object and its fields, and
  • the Type field of the Task object.

Hence, enabling access to JustOn for new users usually involves the following tasks:

  1. Create a new permission set that enables access to the Balance object, its fields and (as of JustOn 2.61) the Balance tab, as well as to the Type field of the Task object.

    1. Clone an existing permission set, for example, JustOn Read/Write, or create a new one as described in Create Permission Sets in the Salesforce Help.
    2. In the new permission set, click Object Settings > Balances > Edit.
    3. Specify the tab settings, the object permissions and the field's access level.

      Object Setting Recommended Permissions
      Tab Settings Available
      Object Permissions Read
      View All
      Modify All
      Field Permissions Edit access for all fields
    4. Click Save.

    5. Click Object Settings > Tasks > Edit.
    6. In the Field Permissions section, select Read and Edit access for the Type field.
    7. Click Save.

    For details, see Working with Object Settings in Permission Sets in the Salesforce Help.

  2. Create the permission set JustOn Additional Fields set that covers the required access settings for any project-specific custom objects and fields, Visualforce pages and Apex classes as necessary.

    For details, see Create Permission Sets in the Salesforce Help.

  3. Enable the access to custom settings for the new permission sets.

    1. In each relevant permission set, click System Permissions > Edit.
    2. Select the checkbox View All Custom Settings.
    3. Click Save, then confirm the setting.
  4. Enable the flow execution with the new permission set (or, alternatively, via a profile).

    All users who work with JustOn Billing & Invoice Management must be allowed to execute flows via a profile or a permission set.

    1. In the relevant permission set or profile, click App Permissions > Edit.
    2. In the Flow and Flow Orchestration section, select the checkbox Run Flows.
    3. Click Save, then confirm the setting.
  5. Add or remove permission set assignments for your users as necessary.

    For details, see Assign Permission Sets to a Single User in the Salesforce Help.

  6. Assign a JustOn license to your users.

    For details, see Assigning Licenses for Managed Packages in the Salesforce Help.

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