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Setting Up Prepaid Balance Management

JustOn can generate balance records of the type Prepaid based on specific pre-payment data on invoices.

For information about handling pre-payment balances as retrieved from external systems, see Assigning Pre-Payment Balance to Invoice.


JustOn automatically creates a prepaid balance for pre-payments when an invoice that contains specific pre-payment data is finalized. If the pre-payment covers the open invoice amount, the invoice immediately becomes Paid.

As opposed to other balances, the prepaid balances are deleted and thus removed from the account when the corresponding invoice is canceled. This simplifies the import of invoices with pre-payments: there is no more need to import the payment entries in an additional step. In case of an error, you can cancel the invoice and import it again without dealing with duplicate pre-payment balances.

Prepaid balances have particular properties:

  • The balance is automatically created when an invoice with specific pre-payment data is finalized.
  • The balance is automatically deleted when the corresponding invoice is canceled.
  • It is not possible to delete the balance manually.
  • The balance is never split, even on overpayment or when additional payment entries are registered with the invoice.

The checkbox IsPrepaid marks the balance as a prepaid balance. Consequently, deselecting this checkbox removes the particular treatment of prepaid balances.

The checkbox IsPrepaid is not displayed on the balance layout by default.

The pre-payment data is stored in custom fields of an invoice. The API field names must be prefixed with PP_, like, for example, PP_Amount__c. Similar to the ON field mechanism, the field values are copied to the corresponding fields of the prepaid balance.


The way the pre-payment data is retrieved and populated to these fields is project-specific, as it depends on your system's environment and setup. For example, this data can be part of an invoice import.

To add the pre-payment data fields to the Invoice object:

  1. Navigate to the fields list of the Invoice object.
  2. Create the following new fields as required.

    API Name Type Required Description Example
    PP_Amount Currency (16,2) Specifies the amount of the pre-payment. -100,00
    PP_Date Date Specifies the effective date of the balance. 2017-11-08
    PP_Type Text
    Specifies the type of the balance. Prepayment

    Once the fields are available and filled, JustOn triggers the prepaid balance generation upon invoice finalization.

    For help about creating fields, see Managing Object Fields.


You can add more fields as required, following the naming scheme PP_, like, for example, PP_Reference.

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