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Reverse Charge Notice

Certain international business conditions make buyers, rather than suppliers, liable to pay the taxes on transactions. If this is the case, suppliers must specify on their invoices that the reverse charge applies.

You can configure JustOn to display a reverse charge notice for invoices to be sent to buyers in specific countries. This involves


The reverse charge notice is available as of JustOn 2.47.

Enabling Notice Display

To control the display of the reverse charge notice, you create a new checkbox field on the Invoice object. If this field is set true, the text will be printed to the invoice PDF below the standard text field Text 3 (for details, see PDF Contents).


To have the checkbox selected automatically if a certain condition is true, JustOn recommends to set it up as a formula field with the return type Checkbox. Then create a formula that represents the intended condition.

  1. Navigate to the fields list of the Invoice object.
  2. Create the following new field.

    API Name Data Type Description
    ShowReverseChargeText Formula (Checkbox) Defines a condition for displaying the reverse charge notice. If the formula yields true, the text is displayed.

    For help about creating fields, see Managing Object Fields.

Example formula that produces the reverse charge notice for invoices to be sent to the "reverse charge" region (RC, see Using Invoice Region to Control Tax Rules):

IF (ONB2__Region__c = 'RC', TRUE, FALSE)

Configuring Notice Text

The invoice template includes a specific text block for the reverse charge information.


Whether the text is displayed or not depends on the setting of the corresponding controlling field on the invoice.

To configure this text:

  1. Open the template to be edited.
  2. In the Texts section, double-click the Reverse Charge Text field and specify the information as required.

    Alternatively, you can click Edit in the detail view to edit the field.

  3. Click Save.


Template text blocks can contain

  • plain text
  • placeholders
  • HTML code for tables, lists, links, etc.

If you use HTML code in template text blocks, make sure to write all code in a single line to avoid line breaks being converted to <br/> tags.