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Account Statements

Accounting Support

To support accounting purposes, JustOn allows for generating account statements. An account statement represents a report that summarizes the balances of a given account for a specific time period. PDF copies of the account statements can then be distributed to the corresponding recipients.

Account statements can have different statuses.

  • Draft: New account statements have the status Draft. You can check draft account statements for correctness and edit them as necessary.
  • Closed: Finalizing account statements sets them to Closed and generates the PDF account statements to be sent out.

There are two ways to create account statements:

  • individually for a single account using the function Account Statement,
  • for multiple accounts using the Statement Runs functionality.

After reviewing them, you can then distribute the generated account statements.

Finished account statements, that is, those in the status Closed, are supposed to be distributed to their corresponding recipients.

  • By default, JustOn supports the distribution of the generated account statement PDF documents via email.
  • You can redistribute account statement PDF documents to new file distribution target or download them to a ZIP file.

    Use the redistribution function with caution. JustOn does not check the selected file distribution target for existing files, so distributing the same files to the same targets produces duplicates, which may consequently have unwanted effects.

Managing Account Statements
Setting Up Account Statement Management