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Billing Arbitrary Objects

Billing Automation

You can create invoices from arbitrary objects that are configured accordingly. Using the generic invoice run, you can completely bypass subscriptions – if you do not need them to model any contractual relations or conditions.

To this end, JustOn allows for configuring virtually any Salesforce object ( except for Line Item Schedule) to hold the required invoicing data. This may include orders, contracts, opportunities or custom objects. Using custom filters, you then define which objects and records to include in the invoice run.

Creating invoices from arbitrary objects

Billing Arbitrary Objects

The way to set up the generic invoice run depends on the representation of your source data in Salesforce.


When executing the generic invoice run, JustOn writes information about the billed source object to the generated invoice line items, setting the following fields:

Field Label API Name Data Type Description
Source Id SourceId Text(18)(External Id) The ID of the source object.
Filter Filter Text(255) The name of the invoice run filter.

Parent-Child Objects

You can generate invoices based on source objects that are in a parent-child relationship, like orders with order products. If set up accordingly, the invoice run takes the parent object ( order) to produce the invoice, and the child objects ( order products) to produce the invoice line items.

Creating invoices based on accordingly configured parent-child objects

Single Objects

You can generate invoices based on single source objects that hold all invoicing data using, like, for example, specifically customized contracts. If the object records are marked as the single source, and based on the appropriate configuration, JustOn can produce both invoices and invoice line items from these records.

Creating invoices based on one accordingly configured object

Data Mapping

There may be data in addition to the configured fields for source objects in a parent-child relationship or for single source objects. If you need to create invoices based on data that is not accessible otherwise, you set up specific data mappings to retrieve it.

Creating invoices based on a mapping

Invoice Run From Parent

You can set up JustOn to allow for manually starting the generic invoice run from a parent of the actual source object. Think, for example, of an account that has multiple contracts (or orders with order products) set up as source objects – now you want to generate an invoice for this account that covers all related contract (or orders).

Invoking invoice creation from a parent object