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Invoice Run

Invoice Management

The invoice run is the core concept of JustOn Billing & Invoice Management. It is the operation that creates invoices or credits based on your configured source data, which may include

  • customer and contract data as stored in the subscription,
  • product and price information stored in subscription items,
  • usage data available via transactions (see Usage Data Billing),
  • customer and product data as stored in an arbitrary object, if set up accordingly (see Billing Arbitrary Objects).

There are two ways to trigger an invoice run:

  • Manually, or
  • Using a scheduled job to have invoices created automatically on a regular basis.

If there have been deleted draft invoices from a recent invoice run, you can restore the invoices based on the corresponding subscriptions or accordingly configured objects. Be aware of the following specifics:

  • You can repeat the latest invoice run for a given data set.

    Assume, for example, you have multiple subscription filters or generic filters and execute individual invoice runs for selected filters. This means, you can always re-run the latest invoice run that has been executed for a given filter selection.

  • Re-running the invoice run applies the initial configuration (start date, end date, invoice date, filters, etc.).

  • When repeating an invoice run with subscriptions in its scope, you are prompted to individually select the subscriptions for which to restore invoices.

Managing Invoice Runs