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JustOn FAQ

Understanding JustOn

Why has the invoice run not produced the invoices as expected?
How do invoices become Paid?
Where do I find produced files?
How does JustOn handle taxes?
How to control net or gross invoicing?
How to correct an invoice?
How does JustOn determine the billing behavior for recurring items?
What is the service period of invoices with recurring items?
What file does JustOn show when prompted via View PDF?
How many decimal places does JustOn use when converting currencies?
How does JustOn handle free account balances?

Does JustOn comply with the EU GDPR?
What information must an invoice contain?
What are the legal requirements for invoice numbers?

Issues Hands-On

How to grant login access to JustOn support?
How to launch the "Test Drive"?
How to allow creating invoices for testing purposes?
How to display the Attach File button in Notes & Attachments?
Why do emails contain garbage characters?
Why does the credit currency differ from the invoice currency?
How to customize batch chains?
How to improve the performance of the continuous invoice run with large data sets?
How to enable batch processes with more than 10.000 records?
How to exclude accounts or invoices from the dunning run?
How to force JustOn to create a new invoice PDF?
How to attach a related invoice PDF to a source record?
How to invoke the invoice run from outside Salesforce?
Why has the file upload to a cloud storage service failed?
How to force JustOn to create a new transaction CSV?
How to exclude invoice line items from the invoice total?
How to modify the invoice email?
How to set an email recipient address without using contacts?
How to use an organization-wide email sender address?
How to resend the invoice email?

Salesforce Lightning Questions

How to make JustOn visible in Lightning?
How to avoid "Internal Salesforce Error" in Lightning?
Why are modifications not reflected immediately?