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Why approve third-party access on setup?

Upon installing JustOn, you are prompted to allow communication with a number of third-party websites (EU VAT number validation and data storage services).

Installation prompting for third-party access approval

This is because the JustOn package contains remote site settings for the listed third-party websites. Generally, remote site settings are required for Salesforce Platform apps like JustOn to call websites outside Salesforce.

Note that by default, no data is transferred to or from the listed websites. JustOn includes the remote site settings because it can potentially access them. To actually connect to and interact with these third-party services, JustOn requires additional, business-specific configurations.


Before any data is transferred to or from third parties, you must explicitly enable the corresponding features for your org. With respect to this, you must make sure that you properly handle personal data in accordance with the data security regulations.

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