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Why does JustOn duplicate invoice and dunning action buttons?

In Lightning Experience, JustOn provides custom button bars on the invoice and dunning detail pages that apparently duplicate a number of buttons included in the action menu. These components do, however, not behave exactly the same.

The InvoiceButtons and DunningButtons components are custom components that are tailored to meet JustOn's specific needs. Their major benefits include:

  • They show or hide actions depending on the record's status - that is, they hide, for example, the Finalize button for invoices that are already set Open.
  • The View PDF functionality differs from the standard Salesforce preview functionality. The custom PDF preview

    (a) triggers the generation of a new PDF file if there is none, and

    (b) always displays the file preview in an overlay window, which allows for easier navigation.

There are, however, some disadvantages:

  • When you scroll down the page, the InvoiceButtons and DunningButtons components disappear the same way as the page contents does.
  • The custom button components are not configurable, whereas you can disable or enable actions in the action menu.

Depending on your requirements or preferences, you can decide to clean up your user interface. To do so, you may either disable duplicate buttons in the action menu as explained in How to hide or add action buttons?, or remove the InvoiceButtons or DunningButtons components from the corresponding record pages as described in Modifying Record Pages.

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