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Why do emails contain garbage characters?

In certain cases, users encounter junk symbols in emails sent via Salesforce or on forms. For example, symbols like $ or ? show up in the middle of words. To solve this, you must set the email encoding to UTF-8.

  1. Open the Language & Time Zone page.
    In Salesforce Lightning, click your image and select Settings, then navigate to My Personal Information > Language & Time Zone.
    In Salesforce Classic, navigate to My Settings > Personal > Language & Time Zone.
  2. In the field Email Encoding, select Unicode (UTF-8).
  3. Click Save.
  4. Repeat this configuration for all users who send emails from JustOn.


UTF-8 can represent virtually any character of any languages (Unicode), but may not be supported by older email software. However, users who send email with non-Latin data, like the Euro symbol, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc. need to use this encoding.

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