With JustOn and CPQ installed, how to set up the subscription builder?

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Your business may require to have both JustOn Billing and Invoice Management and Salesforce CPQ installed in your org. In this case, there are two Subscription objects available – one provided with the JustOn package, the other provided with the CPQ package.

Now setting up JustOn's automatic subscription building involves creating a lookup relationship field (ON_Subscription) to associate the source object with the produced subscription. This is a standard, multi-step procedure, as described in Creating New Fields and Create Custom Fields in the Salesforce Help.

Unfortunately, it is not immediately apparent whether you have selected JustOn's or CPQ's Subscription object when starting the New Custom Field wizard.

To make sure to set up the subscription builder correctly, proceed as follows:

  1. In the fields list of the source object, click New.
  2. In Step 1 of the wizard, select Lookup Relationship and click Next.
  3. In Step 2 of the wizard, select the related object Subscription.

    The picklist shows two Subscription entries. Select one, and go ahead.

  4. Proceed with the wizard, specifying the required details.

    In Step 6 of the wizard, you are prompted to create an associated records related list and to add it to page layouts for the Subscription object.

  5. If the page layout list includes Subscription Layout and Subscription Reduced, you have correctly selected JustOn's Subscription object, and you can go ahead. Configure the related list as required and click Save.


    1. Return to Step 2 of the wizard.
    2. Select the other Subscription entry as the related object.
    3. Proceed with the wizard as prompted.

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