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Why has the file upload to a cloud storage service failed?

Certain business use cases require to upload produced PDF or CSV files to cloud storage services like Amazon S3 or Google Drive. The upload may, however, fail, producing the following error message:

BatchGoogleDriveUpload: First error: You are not allowed to update a record of type ONB2__GoogleAuthentication__c

To avoid this error and execute the upload as intended, make sure that users who are supposed to trigger a file upload must be assigned the permission "Customize Application".

The file upload to cloud storage services is based on two custom settings (File Distribution and Export Settings, as explained in Configuring Export to Cloud Storage Services). Hence, users must have access to custom settings and therefore need the permission "Customize Application".

There are two ways to assign the permission to the user:

  • Adding the permission "Customize Application" to the user's profile
  • Creating a dedicated permission set that includes this permission and associating this permission set with the intended users