Where do I find produced files?

As of JustOn 2.49, Salesforce Files is the default target location for storing

  • produced PDF files for finalized invoices, dunning reminders and account statements,
  • exported invoice and bookkeeping data CSV files, and
  • exported SEPA XML files.

By default, the produced files are accessible on Salesforce's Files tab in the group Owned by me.


Depending on your business requirements, you can configure other file distribution targets. For details, see File Distribution and Export Settings.

For generated invoices, dunning reminders or account statements, JustOn copies a link to the PDF file to the corresponding record.

In addition, JustOn can generate public links to the produced PDF files. This allows you to share the documents with any users, including outside your organization, without password protection or any other restrictions.

For generating public links, the Salesforce features Content Deliveries and Public Links must be enabled. For details, see Set Up Content Deliveries in the Salesforce Help. One of the three conditions must also be met:

For further integrations with external systems like customer portals, etc., you can make JustOn write the public PDF file link to the invoice record upon finalization. To this end, create the following custom field on the Invoice object:

Object API Name Data Type Description
Invoice ContentDistributionUrl URL Specifies the public link to the PDF file.
Make sure to grant edit access for all users who finalize invoices.


When trying to access Salesforce Files, users may get a ContentWorkspaceDoc error. To avoid this error and allow for the intended operation, make sure that

  • Salesforce CRM Content is enabled for your org
  • The user is set up as a Salesforce CRM Content User

For details, see How to avoid ContentWorkspaceDoc errors?.

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