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How to exclude invoice line items from the invoice total?

Your business may require to handle products that must show on the invoice but be exempt from the total calculation. To support such scenarios, you can set the Type field of an invoice line item to Information.

Information type invoice line items do not count when calculating invoice amounts like grand total, total net, total tax etc. That is, any invoice line item marked this way is put on the invoice for informational purposes only and ignored upon calculation.

Note that the default type of an invoice line item is Product. JustOn uses this type if you do not explicitly set another one. Invoice line items of the type Product are considered in all invoice calculations.

If you generate invoices from subscriptions, you can define the invoice line item type using the field Invoice Line Item Type on the subscription item. JustOn then copies the specified value during the invoice run. If left empty, it defaults to Product as well.


Use the ON field mechanism, Salesforce processes or other automation tools to have the fields Type (of invoice line items) or Invoice Line Item Type (of subscription items) set automatically when generating invoices or, respectively, subscriptions.