How do the changes made to the individual invoice finalization impact my workflow?

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JustOn Billing & Invoice Management v2.86 has reworked the invoice finalization. It now executes the complete finalization batch chain, irrespective of whether being started from the invoice list view or from the invoice detail view.

Be aware that as a consequence of this change, the individual invoice finalization – triggered from the detail view of an invoice – takes more time as compared to the previous behavior.

In addition, the individual invoice finalization now involves certain operations that may impact the expected result, namely

  • Offsetting invoices or credits with non-related credits or invoices using automatic settlement

    If you do not want the automatic settlement to take place by default, make sure that the corresponding settings are not enabled – that is, in your org's Global Settings, the Settle Credits or Settle Invoices checkboxes must not be selected.

  • Reducing the payment amount through automatically assigning available ("free") balances on the account

    You can disable the automatic assignment on balance level or invoice level

Alternative: Custom finalization batch chain

As an alternative to the individual configuration options, you can override the default finalization batch chain. To this end, create a Custom Batch Chain setting, excluding the SettleInvoicesBatchHelper and BatchAssignBalancesHelper Apex classes.