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How to control net or gross invoicing?

Depending on your business or legal requirements, the nature of your products, etc., you must create net invoices, gross invoices or both of them. This behavior is controlled using the checkbox Gross Invoice.

If the checkbox is selected (the value set true), the unit prices of the invoice line items are considered gross prices. That is, JustOn deducts any applicable taxes from the unit prices.

  • Up to JustOn 2.49, the checkbox is to be set on the invoice. That is, you decide whether to generate a net or gross invoice on the invoice level for all included invoice line items.
  • As of JustOn 2.50, you can set the checkbox individually on each invoice line item. This allows to specify whether to generate net invoices, gross invoices or mixed net/gross invoices.


Use the ON field mechanism, Salesforce processes or other automation tools to have this checkbox set automatically when generating invoices and invoice line items.

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