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How to define page layouts for Lightning?

With the switch to Lightning Experience as the primary UI, JustOn provides reduced page layouts for a number of objects. These layouts do not include all fields of the corresponding objects in order to keep the pages more manageable by default.

Object Compact Layout Complete Layout
Dunning Dunning Reduced Dunning Layout
Invoice Line Item Line Item Reduced Line Item Layout
Invoice Invoice Reduced Invoice Layout
Item Item Reduced Item Layout
Payment Entry Payment Entry Reduced Payment Entry Layout
Subscription Subscription Reduced Subscription Layout

As of JustOn 2.51, the compact layouts are used by default for new installations. Depending on your business, however, you can assign the complete layouts to selected (or all) user profiles, and then proceed to add or remove fields as required.

If upgrading from earlier versions, you can assign the compact layouts to selected (or all) user profiles and adjust them as necessary.

  1. Navigate to the object management settings of the corresponding object.

    Click to open the Setup menu and select Setup, then open Objects and Fields > Object Manager > Object.

  2. Click Page Layouts.

  3. Click Page Layout Assignment, then Edit Assignment.
  4. Select the target user profile(s) in the table.
  5. From the Page Layout To Use picklist, select the page layout to be assigned.
  6. Click Save.

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