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Does JustOn comply with the EU GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive European privacy law, which regulates the processing of data for EU individuals, which includes collection, storage, transfer, or use.

JustOn runs as an integrated application on, the cloud-based platform for software development and operation from Salesforce. As JustOn is developed using the the features provided by, it is completely integrated in the Salesforce environment with respect to security and data processing.

With respect to the GDPR, there are three main players in the Salesforce ecosystem:

  • Data subject, the individual to whom personal data relates
  • Controller, the organization that uses Salesforce and integrated 3rd party apps (like JustOn) to run its business - that is, you or your company
  • Processor, Salesforce and any 3rd party app (like JustOn), which may handle personal data, acting exclusively upon instructions of the controller.

GDPR main players


JustOn GmbH merely serves as an enabler of tools and features, and does not actively process any of an organization's data.

It is the controller's responsibility to assess the scope of GDPR impact on their workflow and to ensure compliance.

JustOn software does not interfere with the platform's support for the main GDPR principles: the right to be forgotten, data portability, consent, restriction of processing, transparency, accountability and security.

JustOn software does not track or collect user data, nor does it use cookies or other internet technologies to keep track of interactions with the software.

GDPR compliance implementation

The major activities for implementing GDPR compliance usually include:

  • Build a data inventory of all apps you use down to field level
  • Identify all data fields in the data inventory that hold personal data
  • Ensure that all end customer data has a justification for holding it (consent, contract, legal basis, etc.)
  • Provide an option for end customers to request data access, transfer, or deletion (based on the GDPR regulations)
  • Describe the new GDPR workflows and revise existing workflows
  • Train your teams on the implications of GDPR

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