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How to get additional licenses?

Setup and Service FAQ

As your business grows, it is very likely that you need more users to work with JustOn than initially planned and set up. New users must be assigned dedicated licenses, so you may have to acquire additional licenses (see JustOn Pricing).

In this case, submit a corresponding request with JustOn Support, stating your need.


With respect to additional licenses, be aware of the following specifics:

  • Additional licenses are immediately valid and subject to charge. There is no additional trial period.
  • The license term is adjusted to the original contract term. Consequently, you may terminate the new licenses within the notice period of the main contract (see Terms of Use).
  • The type of license ("Full access" or "Read only") depends on whether the additional users are supposed to modify certain data or just need to view it. For details, see How to enable access for new users.

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