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Why are some modifications not reflected immediately?

In Salesforce Lightning, you may experience delays in reflecting recent changes. If you add a new field or change the behavior of a field, add some picklist value, etc., it may take a while (some seconds up to a minute or even more) until your modifications are there.

To solve this, you can disable the browser caching that Salesforce recommends to actually improve the performance for the Lightning environment.


Consider turning off browser caching in a developer or sandbox org only, since you usually do not modify Lightning components in a production org.

To disable the browser caching:

  1. In Setup, open the Session Settings page.
    In Salesforce Lightning, navigate to Security > Session Settings.
    In Salesforce Classic, navigate to Security Controls > Session Settings.
  2. In the Caching section, deselect the checkbox Enable secure and persistent browser caching to improve performance.
  3. Click Save.

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