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You are new to JustOn or interested in one of our solutions? You will find answers to some frequently asked questions below.

General questions
JustOn Billing & Invoice Management
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General Questions

What is JustOn?

We are a leading provider of automated financial processes on the Salesforce platform: billing, payment management and accounting.

Our major software products include

JustOn software runs as an integrated application on Salesforce Platform and Heroku, the cloud-based platforms for software development and operation from Salesforce.

What are the basic requirements that the Salesforce instance should meet?

Salesforce offers bundles of features and services called editions. There are four editions for production use: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited.

You can use any of these editions to run our software. Certain business scenarios, however, may have demands that require a special edition. For details, see Which Salesforce edition is required for JustOn?

Be aware, in addition, that JustOn Billing & Invoice Management requires the following Salesforce features to be enabled:

Is it possible to use JustOn software without Salesforce?
You do not already need to be a Salesforce user to run JustOn Billing & Invoice Management. In this case, JustOn provides the required Salesforce licenses.
Does JustOn also carry out Salesforce-specific customizations?

We usually do not interfere with original, existing data structures or configurations.

If you appoint JustOn to do so, we will only make those adjustments that are necessary for successfully using and correctly operating JustOn software. Other, non-JustOn relevant user profiles, groups, objects or fields on objects etc. are to be created by you or by a partner.

Who to contact in case of Salesforce performance issues?

When operating JustOn software, you may experience performance drops in rare cases. This is usually not the result of a failure, but a "collateral cost" of cloud computing, see Why does JustOn feel "slow"?

However, JustOn is not responsible for the operation of your Salesforce instance. Please contact Salesforce if you experience any issues.

Are there regular updates for JustOn software?

Our software is subject to continuous development.

For JustOn Billing & Invoice Management, there are new feature releases about four times a year, bug fix releases more frequently if necessary. You can have your instances automatically kept up to date via push upgrades.

For JustOn Cash Management, we also publish new releases on a regular basis. They are rolled out automatically.

JustOn Billing & Invoice Management

What is JustOn Billing & Invoice Management?

JustOn Billing & Invoice Management is a software for creating and managing electronic invoices.

It combines and checks the customer and contract data that make up the basis for the invoice creation. With JustOn Billing & Invoice Management, you can automatically capture costs, create according invoices, check, approve and distribute the invoices. It supports filing invoices for archiving purposes and, if set up, registering bookkeeping data in accounting systems. In addition, JustOn Billing & Invoice Management allows for tracking payments and, based on the data obtained therefrom, managing your accounts receivable.

For details, see JustOn Billing & Invoice Management.

What are the requirements for a billing configuration?
The price and quantity information – as the main source for invoicing – must be available on the same object. All other billing-relevant information should also be present on this object or linked by a 1:1 relation, like lookup.
What tax rules can be implemented?
Depending on the requirements, you can implement different tax features in different ways. Find an overview of the options, including references to details, in Tax Handling.
Is it possible to set up additional business units at a later stage?

As your business grows, it is quite likely that you will need more business units for the operation than originally planned and set up. This is not a problem – you can add new business units in your JustOn instance at any time. Please contact our service team or our sales department for assistance.

Please note that new business units are usually subject to an additional charge.

Is it possible to apply our corporate design to printed invoices?

The printed (PDF) documents are based on templates that you can largely adapt to your layout and design specifications via CSS.

If you want to include a logo, we recommend a borderless graphic in PNG format, which should not be larger than 30 kB.

To render the PDF documents, JustOn Billing & Invoice Management uses Salesforce Platform's Visualforce PDF Rendering mechanism. However, some limitations may apply (see Visualforce PDF Rendering Considerations and Limitations). The main ones include

  • Visualforce PDF Rendering supports PDF version 1.4 and CSS versions up to 2.1.
  • There is only a limited number of font types available. Special characters and non-Latin alphabets can only be rendered using the Arial Unicode MS font.

If you need more design options, you can use templates based on the Liquid template language. For more information, see Working With Templates.

Can JustOn Billing & Invoice Management generate dunning reminders?
The integrated dunning feature helps you track and claim outstanding payments. Using multiple dunning levels you can control for which invoices, at what times and, optionally, at what costs you want to create a dunning reminder. For more information, see Dunnings.
Can JustOn Billing & Invoice Management track payments?

JustOn Billing & Invoice Management allows for tracking payment operations for invoices. To this end, the software can register payment transactions from external systems and assign them to invoices:

What is important to consider when transferring payment data?
Generally, it is possible to match payments on invoices or accounts. Data quality is essential for the successful payment matching, notably the payment reference.
Can JustOn Billing & Invoice Management generate booking data?

Where required, JustOn Billing & Invoice Management can create bookkeeping data for finalized invoices, bookkeeping data for registered payments, as well as preliminary bookkeeping data for subscriptions. For an introduction to the possible options, see JustOn and Bookkeeping.

If you want to use these features, we recommend to prepare the required booking data (accounts, centers, cost objects) in a clear way in good time.

Is it possible to transfer booking data to accounting systems?

The produced booking data can be transferred to external accounting systems such as DATEV, SAP or Microsoft Dynamics. From a technical perspective, there are two ways to do so:

Which operations can be automated?

In Salesforce, you can automate recurring operations using various mechanisms (like scheduled jobs or flows) – that is, you can configure them to run without user intervention. JustOn Billing & Invoice Management leverages and supports automation for the following operations out of the box:

  • Subscription creation and update
  • Subscription price increase
  • Invoice creation
  • Invoice finalization
  • File upload to cloud storages
  • Deposit/pro forma invoice closure
  • Tax data retrieval
  • KID generation
  • Bookkeeping data creation
  • Payment balance assignment
  • Dunning run
  • Invoice write-off
  • Individual value adjustment
  • Payment instrument creation and update
  • Invoice/booking detail CSV export
  • Account/subscription metrics creation
  • Cash metrics creation

JustOn Cash Management

What is JustOn Cash Management?

JustOn Cash Management is a Salesforce app that integrates Salesforce CRM with European banks and payment service providers. The app allows you to trigger payments and track payment information related to your business with customers.

You will be able to prepare and execute payment operations based on your orders, invoices or other statements that involve payments or payouts, as well as to retrieve information on processed payments and to associate it with the corresponding accounts receivable or accounts payable. Broadly speaking, JustOn Cash Management helps reconcile accounts.

For details, see JustOn Cash Management.

What are the requirements for integrating JustOn Cash Management with banks?

For the direct integration, the bank must provide EBICS-compliant data access. All German banks that are associated with the German Banking Industry Committee (Die Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft/DK) support EBICS and therefore allow exchanging payment information using JustOn Cash Management.

For more information, see Banking Preconditions.

Is it possible to use JustOn Cash Management without JustOn Billing & Invoice Management?

You can use JustOn Cash Management without JustOn Billing & Invoice Management.

Note, however, that the business operations in JustOn Cash Management are centered around entries that represent your receivables and payables and are based on statements that justify the receivables or payables (invoices, purchase orders, credit notes, or similar). So you need an integration into your environment to (at least) create entries for your statements.

Which payment service providers can be used with JustOn Cash Management?

Currently, you can integrate Mollie and Adyen as payment service providers in JustOn Cash Management. The respective integrations support all payment methods that you have enabled as part of your setup with the payment service provider.

We are currently developing (or plan) the integration of further payment service providers – among others, Stripe. For more information, see Payment Methods and Payment Processors.

What other payment methods does JustOn Cash Management support?

Using the direct integration with banks via EBICS, JustOn Cash Management can generate SEPA payment orders. This enables the following payment methods:

  • SEPA Direct Debit Core
  • SEPA Direct Debit B2B
  • SEPA Credit Transfer

For information on supported banks, see Banks via EBICS.

JustOn Connector for DATEV

What is JustOn Connector for DATEV?

JustOn Connector for DATEV is a Salesforce app that transfers accounting documents for invoices and cashbook data from Salesforce CRM to DATEV Unternehmen online.

For details, see JustOn Connector for DATEV.

What kind of data can JustOn Connector for DATEV transfer?

JustOn Connector for DATEV can transfer digital accounting documents for invoices and cashbook data from connected Salesforce applications to DATEV. To this end, the software makes use of the DATEV interface Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0, which allows capturing structured document data as well as document images (see the specification of Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0).

Integrating with JustOn Billing & Invoice Management (generates sales invoices, which are relevant for the accounts receivable ledger) enables the transfer of the following data:

Type of Data DATEV Interface Integration
Accounts receivable ledger
sales invoices
Accounts payable ledger
purchase invoices
Cash ledger
Document images
Master data
payment data

For details, see Übertragene Belegdaten.

Custom integrations with other Salesforce apps can support transmitting other document types, including Accounts Payable Ledger or Cash Ledger (see Integrating With JustOn Connector for DATEV).

What is the benefit over uploading exported CSV files?

Exporting CSV files from Salesforce and importing these files into DATEV usually requires a number of manual interactions. Depending on the operating environment, this may involve some unintentional manipulation of file contents (character encoding, field separators, etc.). Directly integrating Salesforce with DATEV, however, will guarantee accurate data delivery.

In addition, JustOn Connector for DATEV can also transmit document images – which is not possible using the export function.

Can JustOn Connector for DATEV receive modified data from DATEV and upload it to Salesforce?
The interface used (Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0) only supports transferring data into the online application DATEV Unternehmen online. A bidirectional exchange, which would allow synchronizing data or data updates from DATEV to Salesforce, is not possible.
What are the requirements for using JustOn Connector for DATEV?

To be able to transfer data to DATEV using JustOn Connector for DATEV, the following conditions must be met:

  • Your tax consultant uses DATEV software and registers your business as a "client" in DATEV Unternehmen online – this is where your data is sent.
  • You have licensed the interface Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0.
  • You have a DATEV authentication medium (DATEV SmartLogin or DATEV mIDentity).
  • The document types you use (Accounts Payable Ledger, Accounts Receivable Ledger or Cash Ledger) must be properly set up in DATEV Unternehmen online.

For details, see Erste Schritte | Voraussetzungen.

Are there any character limitations?

The DATEV interface Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0 imposes character limitations for certain fields. The following limitations apply: