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How to grant login access to JustOn support?

JustOn support may ask you to grant login access in order to assist you with an issue or request. If you do so, JustOn support representatives can log into your org using your login to troubleshoot and resolve the reported problem.

To grant access and specify a duration for that access:

  1. Open your personal settings page.
    In Salesforce Lightning, click your avatar and select Settings > Grant Account Login Access.
    In Salesforce Classic, click your name, then select My Settings > Personal > Grant Account Login Access.
  2. In the row JustOn GmbH Support, set an access duration as required.
    1 Month is usually a good choice.
  3. Click Save.


With respect to data security, be aware that you remain the controller of all data in your org. JustOn acts exclusively upon your instructions and will not process any of your org's data on their own authority.

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