How to use the JustOn documentation search?

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The JustOn documentation provides a client-side full-text search. It is powered by Lunr, a Javascript search library, which is included with MkDocs/Material for MkDocs – the site generator that builds the documentation.

As the name suggests, Lunr is not as bright as Solr (or other large search engines), but it is small, fast and privacy-compliant. And some convenience is still built in:

Search term combination

The search combines multiple search terms with OR by default. So searching for direct debit produces all pages that contain either direct alone, debit alone or both direct and debit anywhere on the page.

For an AND search, enclose the search terms in double quotes, like "direct debit". Try "direct debit" – this will produce only the pages that contain both direct and debit anywhere on the page.

You may expect terms in quote signs to execute a search for the exact phrase, but Lunr does not support span queries. So the best you can achieve is an AND search.

Wildcard search
For a wildcard search, use * to replace any zero or more characters anywhere in a search term.
Title search
To restrict the search to page headings or section headings, add title: to your search term. That is, to search for all sections whose headings include "payment", type title:payment. See the result: title:payment.

Most searches will produce more than one result. So you still must decide which result is the most relevant for you. Enter tags: they indicate the context of a search result, which helps you determining its relevancy. These tags are available:

Context Tags
Product billing & invoice management
cash management
Information Area concepts


If you are not happy with the search results produced by the built-in search, try your favorite web search engine restricted to the JustOn documentation – using the site operator, followed by your search terms, like "direct debit".

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