Leaving JustOn Billing & Invoice Management

If you for any reason need to stop using and leave JustOn Billing & Invoice Management, there are a couple of specifics you should consider.

First of all, you must know that we are really sad 🙁 (and hope that you still leave a positive review on our app listing in Salesforce AppExchange)

So what happens if you terminate your contract on using JustOn Billing & Invoice Management?

As of the cancellation date

  • You will no longer be able to access any JustOn-related objects, custom settings and records.
  • You will no longer be able to access any files produced by JustOn Billing & Invoice Management, including PDF documents made from invoices, dunning statements or account statements, as well as transaction CSV files made from usage data records.

Since invoicing and related processes produce fiscally relevant data, which usually is subject to legally binding retention periods, it is very probable that you must keep your invoice (and related) data in an accessible manner after you leave JustOn. The way to do so differs depending on whether your business continues to use Salesforce or leaves the platform completely.

If you stay on Salesforce:

To keep invoice data, you can create your own custom objects and "transfer" the data from invoice and invoice line item records to these objects – that is, you first export invoice and invoice line item data and then import this data to your new data structure.

To keep produced PDF documents, you can use the PDF redistribution function to store already produced files in a Salesforce Library or a cloud storage location to which your users will have access.

If you leave Salesforce:
We recommend to back up your data and export the backup files as long as you have access – that is, before the cancellation date of your contract. For details on Salesforce's backup and export feature, see Export Backup Data from Salesforce in the Salesforce Help.


Irrespective of the access restriction, the JustOn-related objects and records remain in your Salesforce org as long as you do not uninstall the JustOn package.

When you uninstall the package, Salesforce prompts to save relevant records to CSV files. If you have not backed up and exported your data beforehand, we recommend to do so.