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Best Practice: Donations

As a nonprofit organization, you promote a particular (social) cause. Doing so, you focus on your objective, not on making money. But you need to bring some income to be able to do your work. A common way of raising money are donations, which involve, however, some management overhead.

Enter JustOn. It digitizes and streamlines the donation management, helping you to reduce your administrative efforts. You add a Donate button to your website, and JustOn registers the income and generates receipts for your donors.

Solution Outline

The solution includes JustDonate, an add-on to JustOn that covers donation-specific features. In addition, it integrates with PayPal to actually process the payment.

The following graphic illustrates the approach:

Registering donations and creating receipts

(1) The Donate button on your website triggers a usual payment process via PayPal.

(2) Based on data received from PayPal's Instant Payment Notification, JustDonate generates donations for the payments made.

(3) If the payment comes from a known donor, JustDonate assigns the donation to the corresponding account. If it is a new payer, JustDonate creates a new account based on data retrieved from PayPal.

(4) Based on the donation records, you then have JustOn execute a generic invoice run to create specifically configured variants of invoices – the donation receipts.

(5) When finalizing the donation receipts, that is, the created invoices, JustOn generates the corresponding PDF documents. In addition, it registers the donation amounts as a prepaid balances, which immediately settle the produced "invoices".

Setup Overview

Setting up the solution as outlined above involves, consequently, at least the following steps:

  1. Install JustOn and JustDonate in your Salesforce instance.

    If you need help, contact JustOn Support.


    As a nonprofit organization, you may be entitled to use Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.

  2. Add a Donate button to your website.

    For details, see Make your donation button in the PayPal documentation.

  3. Set up the generic invoice run.

    1. Configure the Donation object to hold the required data.
    2. Create an invoice run filter.

    For details, see Billing Arbitrary Objects.

  4. Set up the prepaid balance generation.

    For details, see Setting Up Prepaid Balance Management.

  5. Create a template that covers the requirements for donation receipts.

    For details, see Working With Templates.

  6. Set up the donation receipt creation.

    There are multiple options: