Transferring Bookkeeping Data to DATEV

Your organization's business may require to directly transmit bookkeeping data to DATEV. To support this scenario, JustOn integrates with JustOn Connector for DATEV, an add-on to JustOn for exporting accounting documents to DATEV Unternehmen online.

To support the import of bookkeeping data in the DATEV accounting applications like Rechnungswesen pro, use the corresponding CSV export.


The bookkeeping data transfer requires JustOn Connector for DATEV to be set up. For details, see JustOn Connector for DATEV DE and Enabling Data Transfer to DATEV.

Data transfer to DATEV: Procedure steps

Once the data transfer to DATEV is set up, actually transferring the data from JustOn to DATEV Unternehmen online involves the following repetitive tasks:

  1. Transferring Bookkeeping Data to DATEV

    Be aware that generating the DATEV-specific data records may take time – for 1000 booking details, allow about one hour.

  2. Checking Accounting Documents

  3. Creating and Executing Data Transfer

    Be aware that uploading the accounting documents to DATEV may take time. Depending on the amount of data you transfer, the access token may expire. In this case, restart the data transfer.

Transferring bookkeeping data to DATEV

You select the bookkeeping data to be transferred on a booking period base. Note that doing so, JustOn will also transfer other unexported booking details that relate to invoices with booking details in the selected period, irrespective of their booking periods.

A booking period represents one month in bookkeeping. Booking periods are grouped by business entities. For further information about bookkeeping data in general, see Bookkeeping Data for Invoices, Bookkeeping Data for Payment Balances and Bookkeeping Data for Unbilled Revenue.

  1. Open the Booking Periods tab.
  2. Click the name of the booking period you want to transfer to open the detail view.
  3. Click Prepare DATEV Export, then click Continue to confirm and complete the operation.

    This transfers the bookkeeping data recorded for the current booking period as well as other unexported booking details that relate to invoices with booking details in the selected period to JustOn Connector for DATEV.

    After successful transfer, the booking details are marked as exported and can no longer be modified.


Change to JustOn Connector for DATEV DE to export the transferred data to DATEV Unternehmen online.