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Exporting Bank Transfer Orders

Your organization's business may require to export bank transfer orders for invoices. These payment orders can then directly be used by banks for triggering the corresponding payment operations.

JustOn supports two common implementations of (interchangeable) bank transfer orders:

For invoices whose payment method is either Bank Transfer or Direct Debit, you can produce SEPA XML files for debits and credits using the invoice export mechanism.


For information about configuring the payment order export, see Configuring SEPA Direct Debit Export and Configuring SEPA Credit Export.

Once set up, you export bank transfer orders from the invoice list view.

  1. Navigate to the Invoices list in the invoice run view, or open the Invoices tab and select an appropriate list view.

    The list view Recently Viewed does not display the Export button.

  2. On the Invoices tab, select the checkboxes next to the invoices for which you want to export bank transfer orders, or leave all checkboxes unmarked to include all listed invoices.

  3. Click to open the action menu, then select Export.

    Exporting bank transfer orders

  4. Specify the export period as required.

    This limits the export to invoices of the specified date range.

    Leaving the start and end dates blank includes all invoices in the current list selection.

  5. Select the export configuration settings you want to apply.

    The configuration settings define the type of bank transfer orders you export (debit or credit orders).

  6. Optionally, set a specific payment date.

    By default, the Next Payment Due Date is used.

  7. Optionally, select or deselect the Create Payments checkbox(es).

    This overwrites the preconfigured setting made in the export configuration.

  8. Click Continue.

    This exports the bank transfer orders for the invoices included in the current list selection and the specified date range according to the selected export configuration.

    If you have selected the option Create Payments, JustOn creates payment balances or payout balances, depending on the type of payment orders (debit or credit) you export, and sets the originating invoices to Paid or Settled, respectively.


Find the exported SEPA XML files in the target as defined by the selected export configuration, or, if not specified, on Salesforce's Files tab in the group Owned by me.


As of JustOn 2.49, Salesforce Files is the default location for storing produced files. For accessing and using file-related JustOn features, make sure that the the Salesforce features Content Deliveries and Salesforce CRM Content are enabled.