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Billing Automation

Managing Subscriptions
Managing Subscription Items
Managing Subscription Pricing

Invoice Management

InvoiceButtons component

JustOn Billing & Invoice Management provides a custom button bar for the invoice record detail page. It shows or hides actions depending on the record's status.

Buttons for draft invoices

Buttons for open invoices

Button Context Description
View PDF Draft, Open Generates a (new) PDF preview and displays it in an overlay window
Delete Draft Deletes the current invoice
Edit Draft Opens the current invoice in edit mode
Clone Draft, Open Creates a copy of the current invoice in the status Draft
Send Draft, Open Sends the current invoice to the specified recipients
Register Payment Draft, Open Assigns a (payment) balance to the current invoice
Create Credit Open Creates a (partial) credit for the current invoice
Installments Draft, Open Creates a payment plan for the current invoice
Set Order Discount Draft Applies an order discount to the current invoice
Settle Draft, Open Initiates the settlement of a single invoice or credit using the current credit or invoice
New Dunning Open Creates a single dunning reminder for the current invoice
Postpone Payment Due Draft, Open Postpones the payment due date for the current invoice
Set Business Entity Draft Sets a business entity to the current invoice
Set Contacts Draft Sets the selected contacts for the current invoice and fills the address fields
Copy Text Draft Copies the contents of the template text fields to the current invoice
Finalize Draft Sets the status Open for the current invoice and generates the PDF file
Cancel Open Creates a credit with the reversed amount of the current invoice
Close Open Closes the current deposit or pro forma invoice
Send E-Invoice Open Sends or resends the current invoice to Basware for distribution
Recreate PDF Open Creates a new version of the PDF file for a finalized invoice
Write-Off Open Creates a balance of the type Write off, immediately assigned to the current invoice or credit
Manage IVA Open Creates an IVA booking detail to apply an individual value adjustment to the current invoice

Managing Invoice Runs
Manually Creating Invoices
Managing Deposit or Pro Forma Invoices
Editing Invoices
Finalizing Invoices
Canceling Invoices
Creating Credits
Distributing Invoices
Manually Writing Off Invoices
Managing Individual Value Adjustment

Accounting Support

Managing Balances
Managing Payment Entries
Managing Settlements
Managing Account Statements
Managing Dunning Reminders
Exporting Invoices
Exporting Bank Transfer Orders
Exporting Booking Details
Managing Booking Detail Center Split
Transferring Bookkeeping Data to DATEV

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