Managing Individual Value Adjustment

You can apply an individual value adjustment to an overdue invoice manually. Doing so creates a booking detail of the type IVA, where the amount is calculated based on the invoice net amount and the configured IVA percentage.

To manually apply an individual value adjustment to an invoice:

  1. Open the Invoices tab.
  2. Click the invoice number to open the invoice's detail view.
  3. Click Manage IVA.
  4. Select the IVA percentage to be applied.
  5. Click Set.

    This creates the IVA booking detail. If an IVA has already been applied before, JustOn reverts the existing IVA booking detail and creates a new IVA booking detail.


The individual value adjustment is usually a preliminary step to a complete write-off. That is, when the IVA percentage has reached a 100%, you will most probably proceed to manually writing off the invoice.