How-To: Donations

As a nonprofit organization, you promote a particular (social) cause. Doing so, you focus on your objective, not on making money. But you need to bring some income to be able to do your work. A common way of raising money are donations, which involve, however, some management overhead.

Nonprofit organization may be entitled to use Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. It digitizes and streamlines donor and donation management, helping you to reduce your administrative efforts – great. But what about the money, actually?

Enter JustOn Cash Management. It integrates your Salesforce instance with your bank, allowing you to collect your donations via SEPA direct debit.


Solution Outline

The proposed solution involves

  • Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), the foundation of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud – a set of packages that add donation management components to Salesforce
  • JustOn Cash Management, an app that integrates Salesforce with banks
  • JustOn Configurator package that applies the required configuration to connect NPSP with JustOn Cash Management

    Package content

    The JustOn Cash Management for Salesforce NPSP configurator package adds the following artifacts:

    • Additional record ID field on Business Entity
    • NPSP-relevant lookup fields on Entry
    • JustOn Cash Management-relevant lookup field on NPSP Payment
    • Flows to create or delete entries on NPSP opportunity payment creation or deletion
    • Flows to update payment statuses

Important Concepts


Donation management in Salesforce NPSP is centered around opportunities. An opportunity represents a donation, where payments track its status.

You can create donations either from an account or a contact.

Opportunities (donations) can have different stages, for example

  • Pledged – maps to the accounting state Committed, where the donation is "promised" and the payment is expected
  • Closed Won – maps to the accounting state Finalized, where all expected payments have been received

Opportunity stages and their behavior are configurable, see Configure Opportunities and Set Up Opportunity Stage to State Mappings in the Salesforce Help.

Recurring Donation

Recurring donations cover donations that occur more than once over a period of time. There can be two recurring types:

  • Open – for open-ended recurring donations, where the donor will donate for an indefinite time
  • Fixed – for fixed-length recurring donations, where the donor will donate for a specific number of installments

If set up accordingly, NPSP automatically creates an open opportunity for the due installment. When you receive the money and close this opportunity, NPSP creates the next open opportunity. For details, see Create a Recurring Donation in the Salesforce Help.

For each donation (opportunity), NPSP creates a payment. This record tracks the money that is actually paid.
With donation management in Salesforce NPSP, accounts represent your donors. There are household accounts for families and organization accounts for corporate entities (like companies or associations). An account usually has one or more contacts – records for "real people" you talk to.

In JustOn Cash Management, an entry represents the payable amount of money that is based on a legally binding statement that originally produces the payment or payout request – in the current use case, your donation.

For details, see Receivables and Payables in JustOn Cash Management.

Direct Debit Order

Based on entries, you trigger the creation of SEPA direct debit orders. They are uploaded to your bank and will be processed there.

For details, see Connected Bank Account.


(1) You manage donors and donations using the fundraising solution provided with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.

(2) Thanks to the integration with JustOn Cash Management, the system creates an entry record for each generated NPSP payment. Based on these entries, you will invoke the direct debit order creation for your bank.

(3) Bank statements prove the payment execution. You use this information to balance out your entries.

The following graphic illustrates the approach:

Collecting NPSP donations via SEPA direct debit

Setup Overview

Setting up the solution as outlined above involves, consequently, at least the following steps:

  1. Set up JustOn Cash Management in your Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud instance.

    For details, see Setting Up JustOn Cash Management.

    If you need help, contact JustOn Support.

  2. Initialize JustOn Cash Management for the operation with banks.

    For details, see Initializing Banking Operations.

  3. Deploy the relevant JustOn Configurator package.

    alt text

    For details, see JustOn Configurator and JustOn Cash Management for Salesforce NPSP.

  4. Execute the post-deployment tasks.

    1. Assign the required JustOn Cash Management permissions to the relevant users.
    2. Activate the flows for entry creation and entry deletion.
    3. Specify the ID of your business entity to be used by the flows.

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