Integrating Mollie

JustOn Cash Management can integrate with Mollie as a payment provider. It uses the Mollie's hosted checkout environment, Mollie Checkout and Mollie Webhooks, to implement the payment procedure.

Be aware of the following specifics:

  • The Checkout page supports all payment methods that are enabled in the Mollie Dashboard. Payment methods that are not allowed for a given payment operation, like due to an amount limit or an unsupported currency, are not shown.
  • JustOn Cash Management passes the same language code that is used for the payment page to Mollie Checkout. Mollie supports a subset of ISO 15897 locales. If the current language is not supported, the language code is not passed to Mollie.
  • JustOn Cash Management builds the webhook URL to be called like this:

    where :link-id encodes the relevant entries and :tenant represents your organization. The webhook URL transferred with every payment request, and the payment records in your Mollie Dashboard show the webhook URL.

Setting up Mollie as a payment provider involves the following tasks:

Creating Mollie Account

In order to use Mollie as a payment provider, you need a valid Mollie account. To create it, navigate to the Mollie website, click Sign up and follow Mollie's instructions.

To configure the integration with JustOn Cash Management, you need the API key and Profile ID. Find these values in your Mollie Dashboard.


You manage payment methods as part of your Mollie account setup.

Configuring Mollie Integration

To configure the Mollie integration with JustOn Cash Management:

  1. Create a payment provider configuration record as necessary.

    Make sure to select Mollie in the Type field.

    For details, see Creating Payment Provider.

  2. Open the relevant payment provider record.

  3. Click Edit Provider Data.

    This launches a screen flow that shows the provider-relevant input fields (based on the Type field of the payment provider record).

    1. Modify the standard information as necessary.

      Field Description
      Name The name for this configuration record.
      Business Entity The business entity for which this PSP configuration is applicable.
      Type The payment service provider for which this configuration is applicable.
      Active Enables/disables the PSP for payment users.
    2. Modify the Mollie-specific public information as necessary.

      The public information required for Mollie includes:

      Field Description
      Profile ID The profile ID of your Mollie account.
    3. Modify the Mollie-specific secret information as necessary.

      The secret information required for Mollie includes:

      Field Description
      API Key Text The secret API key of your Mollie environment, can be obtained from the Mollie profile.

      The dialog does not disclose existing secret data.

  4. Click Save.

    This completes the screen flow, saving the specified information as required, and returns you to Payment Provider detail view.

    Once the Mollie-specific data is complete, the Mollie configuration is fully functional and available to payment users.